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Dec 16, 2011
Update 11/14/2020
-The "freezing" lag of the mobs is fixed.
-Added a level 300 pet for taos (accessible from Menu D)
-Added horse with integral points,
-Added Cave VIP integral points.
-Added drop of Integrals (1), Integrals (20), Integrals (500), in all the bosses of the server.
-Fixed drop of some bosses.
-Now the FamePoints fall more easily.
-Dungeon bosses now add 5 Fame points and 5 honor points to the entire group.
-IcePalace are now aviable for leveling (1F,2F,3F)-Double Boss on KR.

Update 15/11/2020
-Diferent bugs solved...
-New Warrior Pet Added Lvl 1000.
-New Taoist Pet Added Lvl 1000.
-Group Cave added!

Update 16/11/2020
-6 news sets added on drops (BOSS LVL 3 and Dungeons.)
-10 news BOSS added,
-4 Mid Dungeon zone added.
-Up geo to lvl 5 fixed with 10.000.000 GOLD

Update 19-11-2020
-Added item change for famepoints system.
-3new sets added. (10k FP).
-House VIP system added.
-Buy fame with integrals added
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