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Mar 26, 2003
We are happy to offer all server owners their own sub-forum here on LOMCN.

To have a sub forum, PM an Administrator, with the following details:

  • Name of server
  • URL of server advertisement thread (or upcoming servers thread)
  • Desired sections e.g. General Discussion, Market Place, Bugs & Suggestions (Do not go overboard)
    • Permissions of any special sections (i.e. private area for server team).
  • Users to make moderators (Max of 3). Moderators will have the following permissions:
    • Lock, Delete, Sticky threads.
  • Whether you would like the LOMCN Moderation team to help in moderating your forum, or to leave it to your own mods.

The only conditions are:
  1. Server is online or planning to come online within the following couple of days
  2. If we feel your server is a threat to our members, your forum be deleted, or the request for a forum will be declined. This does not mean your server has to be LOMCN approved, but if we feel your server is a scam for whatever reason, we will not allow you to have a forum here.

Optional (We will not force this, but it would be a nice gesture)
You add www.lomcn.org or similar within your server. E.g. Notice Board after login.

If you have any ideas how we can make this work better please post in the Suggestions area of LOMCN, which can be found here: http://www.lomcn.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?347-Public-Questions-And-Suggestions.

Also, you are welcome to have your own website/forum for your server, as well as links to said website here on LOMCN and in your section. This is just another place for you and your players to post as benefit for all.
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Feb 9, 2015
can someone help?
wanting to play mir as the GM in offline mode how could i do this?