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Feb 22, 2019
Hi Fellow LOMCN members!

History about Mir3SEA
Legend Of Mir III SEA first started at 3rd of March 2019
We started as the first fully support English and Chinese Mir 3 at that time. Thanks to Jamie for the release.
The first server was high rate x10 exp x10 drops.
And the server is still running until now.

Mir3SEA second server
Last month, we announce to start another low rate server.
We named it Mir3SEA-Eden, and started Eden server since 23th March(1 month ago).
Rate: 1x Exp, 1x Drop
Server located at Malaysia atm, latency from Canada around 100ms, Europe < 70ms, Taiwan <30ms.
Actually nothing special here also, we just try to work as similar as official server.
Only 1 time Rebirth.
Each day 3 hours Auto Attack feature.
We plan to open all the Legend of Mir III map within this schedule.
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For more Information Kindly visit here: https://mir3sea.com/eden-server/
Download Link: Full Client

How to Start Game?
Start Launcher.exe
Press "Start Eden Server" to enter Eden low rate Server.
Press "Play Game" to enter SEA high rate server.
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Thanks and Enjoy!

Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed


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Dedicated Member
Sep 19, 2003
downloaded the game but runs the update then crashes when i try to log on any help?