[Zircon] Legend Of Mir III SEA - Eden Low Rate - Discussion

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May 2, 2013
how do get to the low rate server not the high rate as wen click the sea eden it takes me to the high rate one not low rate


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Feb 19, 2021
some great ideas on this server - special body / 3 hr auto - though the server is completely overun with gamegold which will kill it eventually as having to buy your equipment with real cash gets frustrating and boring allthough makes you super strong really fast - market place is a joke as pervious poster mentioned all game gold and you can only put a small amount on - current new year event offers 20000 frags for over 5000gg so no real effort here - just pay the cash and its yours which seriously undermines the players who work hard for their fragments.
Special body great idea but beware to really level past 3 - will cost you a huge amount of real cash approx $150 min as the drops of the books are so small that it will take you literally years to level.
want a good high level weapon? no chance unless you pay loads of game gold as you need to join a major guild who never recruit new players and there is no community play or quests that can give you the chance.

overall as a new player if you are prepared to pay the cash then you might find some enjoyment in this server, if you believe in reasonable grinding for a decent reward then avoide this server.

for the developer - not sure if its greed or the game play just fell into this pay to win situation - the balance between paying and actually providing a sense of achieving in this game is so far apart that it will really only have 40 real players who have all paid so much cash that they wont leave - but new players will soon sense this and leave unless they have lots of $$.
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Oct 17, 2013
Weapon drops are extremely rare and if you are new you will be stuck paying $10 usd to buy a decent weapon to try and catch up with older players sadly. Very pay to win, but it is fun none the less.
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