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Sep 27, 2016
Four Heroes
FourHeroes/ Mir 2
Welcome to The Legend Of mir II FourHeroes
-GameMasters Are :GameMaster And BeGM
-Active Gms and listen to ppl

Beta Date:20Jun 12PM
LaunchDate:25June 12:00PM

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-Server Discord Channel -
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Server Details:
Classes Available:
Warrior / Wizard / Taoist/Assassin

-Max Resolution: 1366 (Windowed or Full Screen)

-StartingLevel: 1

-StartingGold: 0

The Legend OfMir2 FourHeroes is a Med Rate Server

- New Interface-

New start town-
A new start town created to give players a fresh start.

-Learn Skills-
When you reach a certain level of skill you will Found it in the skills page
For example if you reached level 7 and you are a warrior you will get Fencing etc..

-Warrior Skills List-
Level 3: Fencing (Can be learned)

Level 7: Slaying (Can be learned)
Level 15: Thrusting (Can be learned)
Level 22: HalfMoon (Can be learned)
Level 24: ShoulderDash (Can be learned)
Level 26: TwinDragonBlade (Can be learned)
Level 28: Entrapment (Can be learned)
Level 30: FlamingSword (Can be learned)
Level 32: LionRoar (Can be learned)
Level 34: CrossHalfMoon (Can be learned)
Level 35: BladeAvalanche (Can be learned)
Level 37: ProtectionField (Can be learned)
Level 40: Rage (Can be learned)
Level 41: SliceNDice (In DropFiles)
Level 43: Fury (Can be learned)
Level 45: SlashingBurst (Can be learned)
Level 47: CrashDown (In DropFiles)
Level 50: ImmortalSkin (Can be learned)
Level 55: CounterAttack (In DropFiles)

-Wizard Skills List-

Level 3: FireBall (Can be learned)
Level 6: Repulsion (Can be learned)
Level 9: ElectricShock (Can be learned)
Level 12: GreatFireball (Can be learned)
Level 13: Hellfire (Can be learned)
Level 14: Thunderbolt (Can be learned)
Level 15: Teleport (Can be learned)
Level 20: FireBang (Can be learned)
Level 22: FireWall (Can be learned)
Level 24: Lightning (Can be learned)
Level 26: FrostCrunch (Can be learned)
Level 27: Thunderstorm (Can be learned)
Level 30: MagicShield (Can be learned)
Level 31: TurnUndead (Can be learned)
Level 32: Vampirism (Can be learned)
Level 33: IceStrom (Can be learned)
Level 35: FlameDisruptor (Can be learned)
Level 38: Mirroring (Can be learned)
Level 40: FlameField (Can be learned)
Level 41: IceBlast (In DropFiles)
Level 42: Blizzard (Can be learned)
Level 45: MagicBooster (Can be learned)
Level 47: MeteorStrike (Can be learned)
Level 48: IceThrust (Can be learned)
Level 49: FastMove (In DropFiles)
Level 50: StormEscape (Can be learned)
Level 55: LightningStraight (In DropFiles)

-Taoist Skills List-

Level 3: Healing (Can be learned)
Level 6: SpiritSword (Can be learned)
Level 9: Poisoning (Can be learned)
Level 12: SoulFireBall (Can be learned)
Level 15: SummonSkeletonton (Can be learned)
Level 17: Hiding (Can be learned)
Level 19: MassHiding (Can be learned)
Level 21: SoulShield (Can be learned)
Level 22: Revelation (Can be learned)
Level 23: BlessedArmour (Can be learned)
Level 25: EnergyRepulsor (Can be learned)
Level 26: TrapHexagon (Can be learned)
Level 28: Purification (Can be learned)
Level 30: MassHealing (Can be learned)
Level 30: Hallucination (Can be learned)
Level 31: UltimateEnhancer (Can be learned)
Level 33: SummonShinsu (Can be learned)
Level 35: Reincarnation (Can be learned)
Level 36: SummonHolyDeva (Can be learned)
Level 40: Curse (Can be learned)
Level 42: YinYangBurst (In DropFiles)
Level 43: PoisonCloud (Can be learned)
Level 45: HolyShield (In DropFiles)
Level 48: EnergyShield (Can be learned)
Level 50: PetEnhancer (Can be learned)
Level 55: HealingCircle (In DropFiles)

-Assassin Skills List-

Level 3: FatalSword (Can be learned)
Level 10: DoubleSlash (Can be learned)
Level 15: Haste (Can be learned)
Level 20: FlashDash (Can be learned)
Level 25: LightBody (Can be learned)
Level 28: HeavenlySword (Can be learned)
Level 30: FireBurst (Can be learned)
Level 31: Trap (Can be learned)
Level 32: PoisonSword (Can be learned)
Level 33: MoonLight (Can be learned)
Level 35: MPEater (Can be learned)
Level 38: MoonMist (In DropFiles)
Level 40: SwiftFeet (Can be learned)
Level 42: ShadowStep (In DropFiles)
Level 45: DarkBody (Can be learned)
Level 47: Hemorrhage (Can be learned)
Level 50: CrescentSlash (Can be learned)
Level 55: FuryWaves (In DropFiles)

-Taoist Pets-

They are grow up When they increase in level and shape also varies,within better damage.
Summon Skeleton:

Summon Shinsu:

Warriors are a class of great strength and vitality. They are not easily killed in battle and have the advantage of being able to use
a variety of heavy weapons and Armour. Therefore, Warriors favor attacks that are based on melee physical damage. They are weak in ranged
attacks, however the variety of equipment that are developed specifically for Warriors complement their weakness in ranged combat.


Wizards are a class of low strength and stamina, but have the ability to use powerful spells. Their offensive spells are very effective, but
because it takes time to cast these spells, they're likely to leave themselves open for enemy's attacks. Therefore, the physically weak wizards
must aim to attack their enemies from a safe distance.


Taoists are well disciplined in the study of Astronomy, Medicine, and others aside from Mu-Gong. Rather then directly engaging the enemies, their
specialty lies in assisting their allies with support. Taoists can summon powerful creatures and have a high resistance to magic, and is a class
with well balanced offensive and defensive abilities.


Assassins are members of a secret organization and their history is relatively unknown. They're capable of hiding themselves and performing attacks
while being unseen by others, which naturally makes them excellent at making fast kills. It is necessary for them to avoid being in battles with
multiple enemies due to their weak vitality and strength.

-Awakening Features-
The Awakening feature allows you to increase your item's power with additional upgrades. There is no guarantee
of success however, and Awakening gets harder the higher the level of Awakening.
To awaken your weapon first place the desired level 20+ weapon
in the top slot of the awakening screen.
Once your item is in there you need to select the type of stat
you wish to awaken your weapon with from the drop-down menu.
Once selected, on the bottom of the window you will see the required
items needed to attempt the awakening,
Place the items reqired from your inventory into the top two of the
four boxes and then you can select awaken.
Please remember this is not a guaranteed process - if it fails, your
weapon can break.

-Refine Features-
Weapon Refining is the skill of upgrading the quality of
weapons with the use of accesories such as rings, bracelets
or necklaces. You will also need Black iron ore -
the better quality the higher the chance of success.

-Socket Features-
Sockets are spots to be filled with Runes.
Runes will add more stats or elements to your item.
Place your Item in the top box,Place your rune in the boxes below.

-Item Grades-

  • Common
  • Superior
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Mythical
  • Godly

-Set Hotkeys-
Through this menu you can control the keys and change them as you like (Press F12 On/Off)

-Settings (Option)-
You can adjust the game settings from here (Press "O" on/off)

- Buff Icons with timers.
- Server wide buff system for events.

- New TrustMerchant interface. (Buy and Sell with Gold/GameGold)

There is one place for mining, which is Zombie
There are you will gain ores you will use them in Crafting
and You can also sell it for Gold and you will accumulate enough money from it.

There are many things you can make from Crafting
And The CraftShard that needed for make Them its drop from SubBosses and Bosses in the caves,
there's ExpPotions,Torches,Tigers,Stones and gems in crafting for now,
Prees X for View Crafting List.



Not copy and paste as in some other servers,
Each Bosses has its own drops,Whenever you go the hardest caves you can find the best
and fastest drops same as normal mobs and subs.


-Casual players and solo players-
There are many sub bosses-and rare drops on it
, also the monsters in which some things rare,
if you are kill monsters for about few hours that means you can get rare item.


-Traning Rooms-
If you have skills and can not raise their level ? in these Traning Rooms there Trainer will make you strengthen it more quickly all you have to do is use the skill you need to level and hit the tranier.


There is Newbie GUILD gives 40% Exp until 36!
Guilds can be made the classic way, WoomaHorn and 1mill Gold and you have to be level 22 or higher.
Guilds will be Player Capped and the cap will increase on each level the guild obtains.
Leveling guilds will be tough but the benefits are the buffs you can obtain with guild points.

-Guild Wars-
It will cost you 300k Gold for 3 hours. You can do this on all the guildes.


when the number in the group goes higher,
that means you will get more ExpBuff,
For example if there are 10 in the group you will take 100% ExpBuff.


SabukWall conquest:
Works twice a week and is Thursday and Monday at 8pm Server Time There are prizes for winners,Auto GlobalShout When Starts And End.


its works every day in the week from 6:00PM Server Time to 6:10 when it works. it will send a message to all the people,
that he has started. it will show NPC in Town when he works from the eighth hour,
When it finishes, it will send a message to all the people and say he has Just finished,
and only one person who can take the Prize is the last person who will be there and will take LastManSword will end up bringing it back up again.


Cheaters will result a perm ban.

- GameShop. (Buy with GameGold/Gold).
- Cosmetic costumes.


- All New Items (Full Sets) available.
- Weapon & Item Glows.
- Item Grade Glows.
- Expiring Items.
-Warrior Items-

-Wizard Items-

-Taoist Items-

-Assassin Items-

Added Items:
when you kill the monsters you can find added Items + also with the bosses and sub bosses as well.

- Upgrading Shields and Medals for players.
- Item leveling / Image and effect changing.
Other Great Additions
- Saving Scrolls (Exp/Drop scrolls save after log out).
- Noob Guild to help new players (40% exp buff).
- Guild Territory System.
- Group Level system.
- In-game Ranking System.
- Map Events.
- Adjustable BigMap.
-New Maps and Monsters
- All Euro maps and a lot of new custom maps
- All Euro monsters and new with AI's.
- Elite Boss system, drop files change on the level of the boss.
- Atmospheric Monster Lighting Effects.

-Quests Info-
-added some of the Quests to all caves loacted in bichonwall,
-every cave has its own Quest and will also give you a decent of exp
- Each cave has its own mini chain quests.
- Each cave has its own daily quest.
- Random Mob quests around the lands.
- Quest Systems to give out buff's and item level system exp!


-New Skills-
Each class has 3 new skills.
- Warrior - SliceNDice - CrashDown - CounterAttack
- Wizard - IceBlast - LightningStraight - FastMove
- Taoist - HolyShield - YinYangBurst - HealingCircle
- Assassin - MoonMist - FuryWaves - ShadowStep
-Warrior Skills-



-Wizard Skills-




-Taoist Skills-



-Assassin Skills-




--BlackScreen issues--

Please download .Net framework 3.5 (which includes 2.5 and 3.0)


Please download .Net framework 4.5 (which includes 4.0)


If this still doesn't resolve your issue, please download the DirectX SDK (development kit)



This thread will be updated soon with some pictures and other information.
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  1. This is basically the same advert as your last server.
  2. Is Horizon closed now?
  3. With the map layout at the top I was expecting at least one new location, but nope XD
  4. Why do you have a gif of someone mining?
  5. This is like the third "FourHeroes" server we've had now.
  6. GL I guess


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Jan 18, 2014
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The copy/paste is real.

We really should stop allowing this.


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Feb 16, 2011
meh i thought was something actually decent and new... Going off these comments nvm lol


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Jan 18, 2014
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I could understand if the files were decent and have a decent player count. But Horizon had like avg.5 for a week.


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Jan 10, 2017
Wait, am I gnna get banned for playing your 4th server? Sounds great, let’s “cheat” away

Think this can top Iceman 😂
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Also seems like the exact same as horizon but with a fancy map lol
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Oh and with edens skills haha


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Jan 19, 2015
Wait, am I gnna get banned for playing your 4th server? Sounds great, let’s “cheat” away
Imagine cheating and dropping as much as you do XD never in any server ive played with you have i ever thought you cheated tho ^^
Oh and with edens skills haha
I'm sure he made the skills himself


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Sep 27, 2016
Four Heroes
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Good luck, i'll check it out on launch.
your welcome.
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your welcome.
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Interesting and I hope it goes well.
Your Weclome.
But, isn't this like your 3rd server? Why a new server, what happened with the others?
others are dead,im do my best in this server hope you enjoy it.
we are all know correctly all crystal servers now dead less than 3-4 month's
in red.


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To be fair, you can't expect him to keep up a server with 0 users and his work is getting better with each server, progression has to start somewhere, this looks much better from what hes provided so far.
  • Haha
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