LOMCN Global Forum Rules and Guidelines

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MeLtEd Server Team
Mar 23, 2003
Legend of MIR Community Network (LOMCN) 'Remit'
  • To provide and maintain resources to aid MIR users develop and play Legend of MIR 2/3
  • To provide a discussion area for MIR based topics

    General conduct: OVERALL
  • No trolling (being resident in one area, or to certain users for the purposes of provocation)
  • No hijacking (using other peoples threads to chat amongst yourselves in an off-topic manner)
  • No swearing, unless used within an appropriate context.
  • Try to avoid "txt" speak, and TUPAC speak... as this only serves to aggravate other users. Wherever possible type in full formal English in order to ensure positive communication.
  • No gangs/clubs which are not authorized by the LOMCN staff.
  • No abusing staff in anyway shape or form.
  • No claiming other peoples work as your own, in any shape or form.
  • No bullying of members or staff
  • No posting personal details/images of another user without their consent

    General conduct: POSTS
  • Do not post anything unrelated to the thread title, or a primary theme of the post (spamming)
  • Do not post anything threatening, offensive, obscene, vulgar, sexually orientated or hateful (abuse/flaming). Minor or proportional reactions are fine, but it's a thin line between that and abuse. You are best off avoiding all hateful text altogether.
  • Just don't bother posting if it's not going to contribute to the conversation.
  • Short, non-contributing posts will be removed and possibly result in a warning or infraction.
  • Do not advertise other MIR forums
  • Do not post links similar in nature to out-war or other referral systems
  • Facebook links have been globally banned from LOMCN
  • Do not post links to cheats of any kind
  • If a person states "No Spam" at the start of thread, anything in the thread deemed to be spam will be removed, and the user infracted.

    General conduct: THREADS
  • Ensure you post in the section you find most fitting. Persistent disregard for our sub-forums will result in warnings/infractions. Posting in the correct section makes browsing LOMCN a lot easier for everyone.
  • Use descriptive thread titles. Titles should give users an idea of the overall content of your post.
  • If your thread is locked then do NOT make a similar thread about the same topic or a thread about why it was locked outside of the Question and Complaints section of the forum. Failure to abide by this rule will result with an infractiong or a possible temporary ban depending on the discretion of staff.

    General conduct: PRIVATE MESSAGES (PM's)
  • All rules which apply to posts and threads, apply to PM's.
  • Users experiencing problems with other users PM'ing them, should forward the problematic PM to an admin.



    Other: ACCOUNTS
  • Only one account is allowed per person at all times.
  • The creation of a second account when the first is accessible is forbidden and will result in an immediate ban for all accounts concerned; temporarily banned users may NOT create additional accounts.
  • Staff may freely ban previously banned users with new accounts if they present a SINGLE problem.
  • Users may allow other people to access LOMCN using their account, however they also take responsibility for anything said user may do whilst on their account.
  • Allowing banned users access to your account will result in an immediate ban of your account.

  • Moderators+ can edit your signature without warning if it contravenes any rule;
  • Signature width is limited to: 600 pixels
  • Signature height is limited to: 250 pixels
  • Signature file-size is limited to: 120 KB
  • Signature width/height INCLUDES images+text
  • Avatar width/height is limited to: 150x150 pixels
  • Avatar file-size is limited to: 80 KB

  • Users which present a persistent problem to the forum or other users will be removed.
  • Users which hinder LOMCN's ability to provide its remit will be removed.

  • LOMCN DOES NOT WANT users which participate in DoSing/cheating/scamming or otherwise disrupting any online server/user in any shape of form.
  • LOMCN reserves the right to remove users which merely threaten the operation of online servers.
  • Users compromising action to protect a server, will have sanctions placed on their account.
  • LOMCN does not allow the sale of server files.
  • LOMCN does not allow the sale of ingame characters or gold on official servers.
  • LOMCN is happy to provide IP addresses of users suspected to participate in such activity.

  • LOMCN no longer attempts to police what servers can and cannot have a donation or gameshop system. People are free to make up their own minds on donations/gameshops and servers that accept them.

  • No advertising other Mir related forums without express permission from LOMCN Administration
  • Server forums for [SINGLE] MIR servers are fine and do not require permission

    Other: 'OWNERS RIGHTS'
  • LOMCN aims to protect and serve developers
  • LOMCN is happy to restrain the circulation of a creation on the developers request
  • LOMCN will assist in reacting to unauthorized copies of developments.


    Staff: GENERAL
  • Staff are exempt from the rules for the purposes of MODERATING, or enforcing these RULES
  • Staff can be investigated freely by the administration on prompt from a complaint.
  • Staff are to be treated with respect, they give up their free time to ensure you can browse this board.
  • Staff may freely request leave
  • Staff may freely leave permanently (but must let us know)
  • Staff are advised to read and uphold the moderating guide found in the 'Moderator' forum
  • Staff must not warn or ban users for posts or actions over 7 days old.


    The Infraction System
  • Staff may infract users for braking ANY of these rules
  • Staff are recommended to 'Warn' users rather than infract, especially first time offenders.
  • Admins may choose to ban a user outright, if they believe infractions will have no effect, or it's urgent.
  • Members are free to ask for an infraction to have a second opinion by complaining within the 'Complaints' forum.
  • Members are advised to communicate directly with the mod/admin who issued the warning/infraction if they are in doubt about a warning/infraction.
  • Upon reaching 40 infraction points, you will be banned until the infractions expire.
  • Any infractions given for posts over 7 days old will be removed immediately on receipt of complaint. However warnings are fine.


    Suggestions and Complaints
  • LOMCN loves suggestions, and will implement them if they are deemed to be overall beneficial.
  • You may suggest/complain to any staff member, however for greatest effect is to PM an Admin.
  • Suggestions which require further user input should be posted in 'Public Questions and Suggestions'
  • Complaints should be posted in the sub-forum 'Questions, Complaints'.


    User-associated administrators:
  • Tai: General/Technical
  • MiloFoxburr: General
  • Skyline: General
  • Martyn: Technical

/LOMCN Administration Team
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Mir3 Coder & Adviser
Mar 12, 2005
Updated (18/01/10)
Edited donation rules and Staff List.



Devilsoul Owner
Feb 4, 2004
Dublin, Ireland
Updated 28/05/10

Warning System has been revised

I know I said I would update all the rules but tbh these rules all seem fine
With the now infractions and no banning by mods I think thinks will work out fine

Staff please have a think before handing out an infraction and maybe give a warning infraction first



Staff member
May 11, 2003
United Kingdom
Updated usergroup promotions for Golden Oldies & Veterans as follows:
(If you were previously is one of these groups you may have to wait a few hours for the system to reallocate your new usergroup)

  • RED: Administrator
  • BLUE: Super Moderator
  • AQUA: Mir Advisor/Supervisor/Moderator


  • PINK: Coder/Developer
  • PURPLE: Staff elected VIP (includes ex staff members)
  • GOLD: Golden Oldies (user who has been with LOMCN longer than 12 years, and has 500+ posts)
  • PLATINUM: Veteran Members (user who has been with LOMCN longer than 10 years, and has 500+ posts)
  • ORANGE: Dedicated Member (user who has been with LOMCN longer than 7 years)
  • GREEN: Loyal Member (user who has been with LOMCN longer than 4 years)
  • GREEN: High Poster (user with 750+ posts)
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