[Crystal] Mir2Italy (5 Heros, English and Chinese)

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DarkSide Mir3


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Feb 10, 2014
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Five Classes
Mir2Italy supports the use of 5 different classes: Warrior, Wizard, Taoist, Assassin and Hunter.

The Warrior:
Traditionally known as the damage dealer and tank, will be bought into more light on Mir2Italy with new adjustments such as; a skill that grants the warrior aggro of every mob on screen for X amount of time to save fellow players!

The Wizard:
The magic dealer of the classes. The wizard has been given a real balance of good single target damage, along side a good deal of area of attack damage on Mir2Italy, new features include: a magical talent that allows the wizard to create magical things, no other classes can.

The Taoist:
Healing their way through the game, supporting? Maybe not as much now. The Tao is still considered a support class on Apocalypse, but unlike Korea Mir, the Tao will have access to new skills which will enhance the class’s power.

The Assassin:
Designed as the damage dealer of the bunch. Assassins on Mir2Italy will follow suit and be this way! Spell changes have changed the dynamics of how Assassins will kill their foes. They will be deadly and swift in their attacks.

The Archer:
Traditionally known as the “Archer” has been changed due to a new dynamic we have bought to the class. The Archer will continue with all his new spells, but will now have a lifetime ‘companion’. This ‘companion’ will level up with the Archer and become more powerful each level.

Mir2Italy has all the original euro,and gamepotusa maps and monsters up to 2.3, with new caves with new types of challenges and monsters to defeat.

With all of the original bosses in game, changed to Mir2Italy’ game-play, several new bosses added with completely new AI and some fantastic strategies set in place for the ‘end game’ bosses.

We have all the expected Koreamir skills, with a huge amount of custom spells and well known added spells from all the official servers since Euro.and korea

Mir2Italy NO QUESTS...Because Quest make bored!!!!!

Dynamic lighting system
Mir2Italy has a dynamic lighting system that offers each individual mob their own "torch" the intensity and brightness can be changed as decided.

New start town
A new start town created to give players a fresh start to Mir2Italy

Basic items: Exp pot +30%, BagWeight +125%, +90%, 50%

Basic information
Test: 01.05.2019 to 04.05.2019
Planned live date: 05.05.2019
Discord (Please summarise your opinions or bug information as we do not have man power to screen every post): https://discord.gg/4RBZtkV
Ancient maps added
21055 21056 21064 21065 21066 21067 21068 21069


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