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I have been abit distant as of late with only the general upkeep patches of the server. This is because I have in the last few weeks changed job and now In the process of moving home and renovation of new garden.

This is going to be impossible for me to keep the server up after Monday as I’m getting disconnected and I’m unsure when il be able to switch back on....needless to say after exactly 3 months of uptime I am going to be closing MirWorld.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed the most part of it and learnt a hell of a lot. 600 accounts made, 7,000 custom changes (I only know this as it’s all in text file lines) and 100s of code changes its been a journey.

I wouldn’t say this is the end of future GM roles but for the next few months it is. Ya never know I may come back with a bang. Thanks for the support here and in discord πŸ‘πŸ» Especially Chris...top bloke.

Edit - If @Alecs could remove from the server list and discussion thread and maybe keep this thread up for abit so ppl can see. I shall still continue to be a supporter of LOMCN going forward.
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