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Merciless Mir 3


Jul 29, 2004
Kent, UK
IP Address
Server Type/Files
EXP Rates
Host Machine Stats
Dedicated UK Server
AMD Ryzen 7 3800X - 8 c / 16 t - 3.9 GHz / 4.5 GHz
64 GB RAM - NvME Drives
Direct Download Links
Website and Forum Links
Gameshop Information
Stat Buff Potions, XP Potions, Mounts, RandomGemBox, Pets, Pads, Random Loot boxes and various other things. 1 GG = £0.01. Bigger packs offer more bonus GG.
Server Files: Custom Crystal Files
Start level: 1
Level Cap: 250 (soft cap)
Paragon Level cap: 500

Classes: Warrior, Wizard, Taoist, Assassin

Season Pass + Rewards

A Season will last for 2 months. During this season you can gather Season XP and gain Season Levels.
Each Season Level up will reward you with a prize.
Those that purchase the Season Gold Pass will unlock an extra layer of prizes.
You can only gain these rewards once per season, and they reset with each new season.
Completing all 100 Season levels will also give you permanent EXP, Gold Find, Drop Find, and Stat % Buffs during that season.
All Season levels reset to 0 when a new season starts

Season Quests
How do you level up your Season EXP? Easy! You do daily Season quests.
These are not your standard quests and are instead a little more generic and unique to the Season system, below is a list of example quests you might see!

Item Stats / Quality / Sockets
Our aim is for every item to have its own unique set of stats via a variety of different methods, as follows:
Randomised item stats: An item no longer has static stats, instead it has a range and when the item drops it'll roll its stats based on its min and max parameters.
Added stats (not core stat): An item can drop with extra unique stats, e.g. Crit rate/damage, MR, PR, Luck etc!
Item Quality: There are 6 different item qualities that an item can be; Normal (grey), Common (yellow), Rare (blue), Legendary (Orange), Mythical (Pink) and Godly (Red).
The better the item quality, the higher its base stat parameters are.
Sockets: Each item can have up to 3 sockets, which allow you to insert unique gems into them. What are gems? Well you'll just have to wait and see

Paragon System
Once you have obtained at least level 180, you can enable the Paragon system!
You can turn the system on/off at any time.
When you enable paragon, you stop gaining EXP towards your normal level, and instead gain XP for Paragon levels.
Paragon levels have their own unique EXP table.
Every level you earn, gives you a point in 1 of 4 categories as seen in below screenshot.
You may use these points how you see fit in whatever stat you feel benefits you the most. You can reset this at any time.
All paragon levels reset to 0 at the beginning of each new season.
World Events
Random events will pop up around the province maps and some dungeons.
These Events range from Invasion, Monster slaying, Daily Boss, Weekly Boss.
View attachment 22449

Stat tracking
A range of stats are tracked in the game so you can see how many mobs, players you've killed and how many times you've died.
There are also leader boards at the end of each boss fight.

stats.png leaderboard.png

Instances are split into 2 types; PvE and PvP.
**Instances are not the main hunting caves on the server, they compliment them for users that do not enjoy mass PK and want some peace and quiet.**
You can queue solo or in a pre-made party.
Each Instance will have different requirements for it to start, when the minimum number of players has queued you can choose to start early.

The dungeon finder allows users to play with total randoms in a safe environment (PvE). There is no PK, item drops are distributed via a group loot roll system, and all party members receive the prize at the end.

Instance Types
PvE: A variety of different PvE dungeons.
Timed PvE: Same as PVE but with a timer.

PvP Arena (non rated): Fancy a fight? Jump into an Arena match and battle it out with a random. Variety of modes ranging from solo to grouped.
PvP Arena (Rated): Same as above but with PvP rating. You will win/lose arena rating based on the outcome. A leaderboard shows who the best PvPers are on the server.
PvP LastManStanding: A mass brawl where its every man for himself!


Group Loot - Instances Only.
Group loot is simple, whilst in an instance instead of the item dropping on the floor for a "free for all", a window will pop up displaying the item and its stats. You have the option of:

Need - if the item is an actual upgrade to you and you will be wearing it.
Greed - if you need the item just to sell it or benefit another character
Pass - if you're not interested

We understand that in a random group most players will simply need, but the need/greed is more for guild/trusted parties. The system will auto roll (broadcast to the group) and the highest roll wins the item.
Each item in the group loot has an expiry time (2 Minutes) if the time passes and you do not vote it will be automatically voted to Pass.
If the roll winner bag is full and the player failed to receive the item it will be mailed to the player and the player can collect parcel to receive the item.

For those concerned that the game resolves around instances, it does not, there are a huge amount of hunting caves to satisfy your needs!
The Server features tons of unique monsters with their own special coded AI and individual drop files.

Chat Item Linking Enhancements
You can link your items in the chat by alt + left clicking the item, when you click the item within the chat it'll open the item in a new window to inspect.

New Interface
We have a new interface unique to the server - we hope you like it!

Level up / down on PK
That's right! If you get PK'd by someone lower level, or within 10 levels higher than you, they'll take your level off you!
Its a straight swap, the dead person loses 1 level, the winner gains 1 level.
There are no rules on this system, if you want to sell levels to players, or gift to your friends, feel free!
This feature is disabled on certain maps, e.g. FIGHT maps.
This only apples when you murder someone, leaving you at risk of cursing your weapon.

PvP Rating with Weekly Reset
Fight in 1v1, 3v3 arena's and/or big battleground style instances to increase your rating and earn PvP currency.Each week your rating is reset back to 0 and you are awarded currency for the rating gained. You can use this currency to buy items from the shop.
We have plans to introduce tournaments and monthly prizes for top rated players.

Monster Name Plates
We've added a new feature that shows Monster name plates
It'll display the following information about the monster:

HP % or HP Digit
(configurable in .ini file)
Monster Strength Level (Lv1-10)
This is not the actual mob level, but its random strength level. Higher level = stronger with better drop/exp rate.

The following image is showing for anything that is a Boss.
The following image is showing when the mob is too weak for you.
The following image is showing when the mob is too strong for you.
The following image is showing when the mob is within your level range.

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Jul 29, 2004
Kent, UK
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Season 3 has started!
If you haven't played or took a break, now is a great time to join the server.
Season 3 is taking a slightly different approach to season 2 where leveling will be a lot easier and there are a range of teired rare items that are all the same level. There are even a few super rare sets that do not have any level requirement.
We are also capping paragon and normal levels with hard caps so people are not forced to grind 24/7
See latest patch notes:

* Item leveling increases an items AC/AMC/DC/MC/SC by 1-1 per level
* You must pay gold to place your item into a "leveling state"
* The longer duration you select the cheaper the cost
* You can only level item 1 item at a time
* The item is unusable whilst its being leveled
* To level the item you must gain monster experience

- Level cap is now set to 325.
- Upon reaching level 326, you will be de-leveld to 325 and given 40* ExpFoodPill(3.4mil)
- Paragon level cap is set to 100 and will increase each week
- Start level is now 150
- Level 150 - 310 has been made progressively easier
- Level 310 - 325 has new EXP tables making them a lot easier

- 3x New Armours per class Lv.305 / 312 / 320
- 3x New Weapons per class Lv.300 / 308 / 316
- 1x new common set - Attack and Def based. Horror/SoulEater/Aspect ~ Lv.310-320
- 3x new Rare sets, each with increased rarity and stats Divinity / Angel / Trance Lv.306-319
- 1x Epic set "Malice" level Lv316-320 / 326-330 / 336-340. This set will progress with you as Season 3 progresses.
- Epic versions of Smash, WhiteGold, Haiwan, RedGem, Soul, Shining, Critical, Immortal, Dodge, Accurate, Magic, Steel, Health. These sets BreakOnDeath and require DC MC SC rather than Levels
- New stones called "Fragments". Lv.310. There is up to 15 different types of fragments, each better/rarer than the last.
- New GinleonPads Lv.320

- All caves under level 200 have been re-worked into high level caves

- Iceland is a new group cave with challenging bosses
- OldSkool BDD is a re-work of the classic BDD style map with a few twists and secrets

- Sabuk wall opens every day at 8pm for 1 hour.
- It is a King of the hill style map. For every second your guild holds the hill you gain a point
- An overlay will display each guilds points
- Guild with most points at the end of the War wins
- Owning Sabuk Wall allows you access to Special Repair NPC

- Both walls now feature the same King of The Hill point based system

- All classes now have a base resillence of 10 (aka 10%)
- MR now reduces magic damage by 40% instead of ignoring the hit

** OTHER **
- SeasonBadge now gives MC SC DC all in 1 so that the badge can be used on any character
- SubCharacterEXP Buff is now set to x2 EXP. This buff is only up to level 300 and auto removes when reaching that level.

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