[Zircon] Phoenix XE

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Exp Rate: Low-Med Custom Exp Table
Gold and Drop Rates: Custom

Launch Date: April 3rd 2021
Current Season: 2
Lots of new skills for each class
5 Classes (Warrior, Wizard, Taoist, Assassin, Summoner)

The Team Currently Consists of:
4 Content Developers
3 Community GMs
1 Discord Manager

Phoenix XE - Will continue to focus on PvE and be family-orientated, we have little people playing on this server already and it's a place where a lot of our original players and staff can reconnect. This will be a low-medium rate server, by comparison, however, we have removed rebirth and current have content in-game up to player lv150.

I will go bulk out the details as we go, but some of the more sweeping updates are below:
  • Waystones, are teleport locations that can be revisited once found, these exist in the overworld and in dungeons.

  • New Mounts System, mounts are now items, you can collect many (currently 15 mounts available in-game)

  • Drop system overhaul, drops are now categorised differently, there are level range drop tables, monster-specific drops and area-specific drops. This means you will always find items relevant to the monster/area level, you no longer have to stay in one place and it makes going to new locations worthwhile.
    In terms of the drops chances for players it now works out like this:
    1) Level Range Drop Chance
    2) Monster Specific Drop Chance
    3) Area Specific Drop Chance
    4) Bonus Items Drop Chance (Such as potion explosions or bonus items)
    5) Event-Based Drop Chance

  • LOOT System, this works similar to prefix/suffix items from the diablo series, sometimes when an item drops it has a chance of gaining a name, these names assign new stats to the dropped item, there is even a possibility of the item obtaining a players name (draws from players that are currently online when this happens). On top of this naming bonus, we also implemented a chance upgrade system, dropped items can also randomly achieve a rarity class upgrade and gain additional stats this way too. We have 5 rarity options at the moment, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Xtreme
    Uncommon things have between 2 and 3 bonuses
    Rare things have between 2 and 4 bonuses
    Legendary things have between 3 and 6 bonuses
    Xtreme Items go beyond that and from there it gets complicated as it needs to know the item type and certain bonuses are on certain item types etc

  • We have a creature capture system with ~70 obtainable pets across the whole game, pets can also be levelled up and gain their own experience, levels and stats making each one unique even when you have the same type. Pet Shards count as items, and can be traded, and will also retain stats after trade.

  • Boss Soul collection, as an additional reward for defeating bosses, you collect their souls and can use them as a sort of currency to spawn a boss in the Hall of Souls (accessible from Sanctuary map).

  • Item Synthesis system replaces the old refinement system, many item types can be synthesized. synthesis points and stones can be collected from any sub-boss, boss or benehoth mob.

  • Behemoth class monsters are in game, these are essentially what scions used to be if you used to play our server and can appear at various levels of play from low-level caves up through end game content areas. Think of these as mega-bosses.

  • Rift Dungeons are ingame, currently available are: (Once certain requirements are met a Rift Stone will spawn, these take you to Rift only dungeons)
    Example: Temple of Kings (5 floors, multiple bosses, mega boss and area only items)

  • Companions are in and working with custom item filters, inventory size was increased massively.

  • Skill systems have been completely revamped, we've changed the way elements affect spell power formula's, which makes owning element plus items much more worthwhile. We've also edited skill powers, costs and requirements for almost every skill in-game. Removed all cooldown timers apart from a few exceptions, and improved all summons. All skills can currently be leveled to Skill Level 10.

  • Also lots of custom and new skills for all classes warriors have shouts that buff them and their party and new blood sacrifice skills that drain HP instead of MP for increased effects., Wizards have status effects in addition to new skills (Fire has a chance to cause burn, ice a chance to slow etc). Taos have improved healing and some new skills, and summons now level and evolve with the player. Assassins have a wide range of new skills and are now a DC-based class. Summoners have a wide range of custom new skills based on a final fantasy style summoner. LOTS more spells planned.

  • Replaced the 'shield' slot with a wider-ranging 'Off-Hand' item slot, these items allow for new play styles with existing classes. Such as being able to have a Warrior that can kit out to be a true tank, or a Wizard that focuses on a certain elemental power, or a Taoist that can be a true healer or summoner subclass, or an Assassin that can focus on High DPS or Poisons.

  • Healing wells were added to most of the safe zones for a free way to heal up characters and pets

  • Castle wars are working and other forms of organised PvP are in development.

  • Removed rebirth system in favour of character ascension and continued levelling rather than restarting.

  • Added Ascension system, this allows a player to go beyond Lv100, currently supports up to character level 250, every additional character ascension adds +10 to the characters level cap and unlocks a +1 to skill level cap (currently up to skill level 10)

  • As we continue to develop the server we will release patch logs here to further explain our updates and changes, please take the time to read them to get a feel for what we offer. :)

Discord Channel Link: https://discord.gg/VtmwSzN
Alternatively, Search Discord for Xtreme Servers
IP Address
English (Any Other Welcome)
Server Type/Files
EXP Rates
Host Machine Stats
12-Core 4Ghz CPU
1000MB Line
Direct Download Links
Website and Forum Links
Gameshop Information
We don't sell Game Gold, we run a supporter program with individual and community-wide rewards.
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Phoenix Patch Notes - 10th September 2021

New Code Framework - PvP Skills

Updated all skills in the code to use this new code framework this allows us to use different cooldowns for spells where we want/need different delays between Phoenix and Taral.
It will also allow us to implement server specific effects for skills if/where required.

Skill updates
Fortress of Stone changed, player can not move for the duration of the skill, and all incoming damage reduced by 80%. The total damage absorbed is then released in a explosion out from the player once the skill duration reaches 0.
Players can still attack, cast and use potions during this time.
This should allow for a sort of 'castling' manoeuvre by using switch / assault. Interested to see how it's implemented by warriors. DC and HP affect the total damage potential of this skill.

Changed Frostbite, Once activated all incoming damage will be reduced by 30% for a short duration. When the timer run down the total absorbed damage will be expelled from the player outwards and cause Frozen status effect on any targets that don't die from the attack. Ice element+ and MC affect this skills total damage potential.
Please note, there are no longer any movement, attacking, casting or item using impairments as a result of using this skill.

Status Updates
Paralysis updated, to apply short term para effect to targets. Most skills realigned to apply 0.5 seconds stun + 0.1 seconds per skill level.

Area Updates
Added more monster events to oakmarsh, included additional oakmarsh goblin lord army spawns and ambush parties.
Item Updates
Fixed the stats on the Wizard Tier and Taoist Tier Set Bonuses (thanks @EleTao for reporting)
Should contain these stats now:
Wizard: PhysicalResistance, PetDCPercent, MCPercent, CastingSpeed, CriticalChance, CriticalDamage, Light, DropRate, ExperienceRate, GoldRate
Taoist: PhysicalResistance, PetDCPercent, SCPercent, CastingSpeed, CriticalChance, CriticalDamage, Light, DropRate, ExperienceRate, GoldRate

Added Casting Speed to Potions of Haste I, II, III, IV, V

Occult Set (Level 82) changed, this set will now add +15 to fire, ice, lightning and wind elements (via the ring and bracelet - so it will be possible double up) moved the block chance and crit chance stats to the necklace.
Removed the MCPercent+1 from necklace and bracelet and added new set bonus of MCPercent+3 and Casting Speed+3.

Missing hair in Sanctuary
Changes to the way the GP messages are sent, players will still see all the GP they earn, but guild members will only be alerted when GP of 5 or more is earned. (Should reduce GP message spawn on oakmarsh and last bastion).
Fixed Healingwell will now heal player and pets to full on first use.
Fixed PhoenixTear, will now heal player and pets to full of first use.
Fixed Behemoth Manarite Core buff.
Happy New Year wishes


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Phoenix Patch Notes - Halloween Update - Part 1
Happy Halloween NEW CLASS!

Added New Class - Summoner
Main Damage Stat - SC
Main Element - Holy

The white magic is reminiscent of a jRPG white mage class, so mostly buffs, heals and support class spells.
The summons for this class work in 2 ways, calling spirits will call a random spirit, and calling specific spirits that can be acquired via the cloister of trials method (needing to complete a temple and enter the chamber of the fayth at the end to acquire the new summon.)

Spell Breakdown - White Magic
(All white magic can be cast using mana, no talismans required.)
Cure - Restores a small amount of HP to self or any friendly target, damages undead targets. Scales with SC, Holy Attack, and Characters level.
Cura - Restores a medium amount of HP to self or any friendly target, damages undead targets. Scales with SC, Holy Attack, and Characters level.
Curaga - Restores a large amount of HP to self or any friendly target, damages undead targets. Scales with SC, Holy Attack, and Characters level.
Esuna - Cures status ailments, chance of success increases with level.
Life - Restore a KO'd character and some HP, chance to instant kill undead targets, chance of success increases with Characters level.
Protect - Lowers damage done by physical attacks. Scales with SC, Holy Attack, and Characters level.
Shell - Lowers effectiveness of magical attacks. Scales with SC, Holy Attack, and Characters level.
Dispel - Removes buffs and debuffs, chance of success increases with level.

Call Lesser Spirit - this skill allows the summoner to call a lesser spirit to aid them in battle.
The skill itself summons a random lesser elemental spirit, the stats of the spirit called are linked to the level and power of the summoner.
The higher your character level the more spirits you can call at once.
So a level 15 summoner can sustain 2 spirits at once where as a level 75 summer could sustain 8 at once.
Unlike Taoist summons, spirits are only available for short bursts of time, which gets longer the higher level your character and skill is.
Currently this skill can call any one of six elemental spirits each with there own stats and abilities.

Other factors can affect the quality and type of spirits such as the biome they are called in, so calling an ice spirit in an icy biome will yield a more powerful ice spirit than if you called an ice spirit in a desert biome.

Because of this Each Spirit is unique, you will never get two the same.

Each elemental spirit has its own attack skills, and they will always attack using there primary element for damage purposes, each has at-least 5 different attacks.
I've also adjusted the colour of the spirit names so you can easily identify which spirit belongs to which element.

Player Guide
Summoners start with Cure and some decent starting equipment, but skill books can only be found in drops. Mobs from 1-50 will drop these books.
Summoners are a support class but can hold their own against undead mobs, it would be advisable to utilise caves and temples that have Undead race mobs if playing solo, first prioirty should be to search for Lesser Spirit Call skill book.

Season Mechanics Update
Any new characters from the point of this update can now choose whether or not to be a seasonal character during the character creation process.
- Seasonal characters get exclusive use of a new season-only leaderboard,
- Seasonal characters can only use items dropped in current season, for fairness, you can still obtain, trade and purchase other items for storing, but you can't use them whilst the season is active.
- once a new season starts, characters created in a previous season can then use any item from any season.
Non-season characters join the 'All Seasons' leaderboard and have no restrictions.

Quality of Life Changes
All classes can now learn their first skill at level 1, rather than level 7.
Oakmarsh Goblins had a makeover.

Added 'Petrification' status to Elixir of Purification so it is correctly removed.
Fixed the missing status colours, (green poison red poison and paralysis and petrification)

Halloween Event
Event Items and Mobs

All Halloween mobs have a chance of dropping Pumpkins, pumpkins can be exchanged for event items from the events NPC in Sanctuary.
Each Tier of mob has a chance of dropping additional pumpkins (T1 - 1 pumpkin, T2 - 2 pumpkins, etc upto T5)
Event mobs give noticeable bonus exp compared to normal mobs of the same level.
Even more prizes will be added next week, so save those pumpkins 🙂

Halloween Siege Events
Throughout the Halloween event there will be regular siege events in some of the main towns in game, each towns siege events have been catered to different starting level pools.
Recommended Starting Lv 1-20 - Prajna Village, Lost Paradise and Bichon Province
- Every 30 minutes a low level siege event occur involving Tier 1 Halloween mobs (Hallowed Axeman)

Recommended Starting Level 40 - Numa Village
- Every 30 minutes a mid level siege event occur involving Tier 1 and Tier 2 Halloween mobs (Hallowed Axeman, Hallowed Sorceror)

Recommended Starting level 60 - Frost Village
- Every 20 minutes a high level siege event occur involving Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Halloween mobs (Hallowed Axeman, Hallowed Sorceror, Hallowed Valkyrae)

Recommended Starting level 80 - Last Bastion
- Every 15 minutes a higher level siege event occur involving Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 Halloween mobs (Hallowed Axeman, Hallowed Sorceror, Hallowed Valkyrae, Hallowed Champion)

All of these event locations are capable of climbing the hierarchy all the way to the T5 Superboss (Hallowed Envy) which should make things fun and interesting for all players and all levels.
The hierarchy system is simple to follow, kill any 10 tier monsters to spawn the next tier.

There's an extra special event if you manage to kill the [Behemoth] Hallowed Envy (tier 5). It will be familiar to original xtreme players.
Those players doing Ascension Quests (100, 110, 120, 130) will definitely want to work towards this special event.


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SEASON 2 Officially Starts today - If you were waiting for the fresh start, nows the time to join :)


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Adding MIssing Patch Notes from 2021

24th October 2021:
TLDR: Summoner Class Updates, Summoner Items, and New Skills. Halloween patch additional updates.

26th October 2021:
TLDR: New Summoner Skills, additional quests, misc fixes, increased max companion inventory size, new companion equipment.

31st October 2021:
TLDR: Added new item ' Arcane Vault' allows portable 14x14 storage space.

2nd November 2021:
TLDR: Additional Halloween patch, new special effects engine, various fixes and qol updates.

28th December 2021:
TLDR: Xmas event patch, new mobs, seasonal items and seaonsal companion items, new quests and various fixes.


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Mar 8, 2005
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2nd May 2022: TLDR: Too many changes and a new client, you really need to read the patch notes this time!
Client software updates

Client software has been updated to use the latest versions of dependency frameworks, this means we have a new client download moving forward. This should allow greater compatibility with all current Windows operating systems and also windows 11. We still remain to be a 64-bit only application. Those on 32-bit installations therefore will not be able to load this client (as has been the case since we launched).
This change will allow us to further integrate new features whilst streamlining the system resources used when playing. Including some nice to have visual effects we’ve been working on adding in.
There should be a noticeable improvement to frame rates in-game post update.

The new V2 Client can be downloaded from the downloads channel on our discord or my LOMCN signature.
This client will require the dotnet 4.8 framework, normally you will already have this, but you can get it from here:
Any issues please post in our live-help channel on discord (I'm guilty of not checking LOMCN as often as I should!)

Both Patcher and Launcher are updated to use the latest frameworks as per the client updates.
Moved Debug info to client bar.

Server software updates
The server software has undergone similar updates, though these will not affect the client directly, just informational.

Game Updates
Other notable updates

Added new class filters for use with items, SC Only, MC Only and DC Only class requirements.
Added LootBox item type. (contains a random chance to obtain items when opened)

Updated Monster Info Dialog
Reworked the visual design and added, Attack Speed and Movement Speed indicators, Tameable status, and Monster Race icons.
Added Mana and Mana Tracking for Mobs (Something we will be integrating more as we go), monsters with castable skills will have a mana supply too.

New Feature - New Supporter System
After plenty of community feedback, we will be continuing with the Patreon support model going forward, to that end we are also incorporating some new features to reward supporters ingame more noticeably.
All supporter accounts will now receive a custom name colour and visual effect ingame, an exclusive mount and a new buff that will remain active for the duration of the patreon subscription. The buff will provide EXP%+.
We will still be running a community-wide reward as before, for every 5 Patreon Subscriptions there will be a higher reward shared with the whole community in the form of a regular weekly ‘happy hour event’ The EXP+, Gold+ and Item Rate+ will be determined by total subscribers.

New Feature – Genderless Armours
Moving into a more modern setting, armours are no longer split into M or F varieties as drops, they will just appear with the correct gender visuals when equipped. This will finally allow us to create items sets that include armour.
Legacy armours will also gain this feature, but only new item drops will count towards any new sets that come in future.

New feature – AntiCheat
Our own anti-cheat implementation, to help detect players abusing the ingame systems or hacking items.

New Feature – Instancing
A new system allowing for better map instancing, some areas will be trialled with this new system before a full rollout is done, these will be limited to Rift Dungeons for the time being.
This will be properly implemented throughout the next patch cycle, starting with boss rooms.

New Feature – Wallet and Currencies
Added a currencies system and wallet (Ctrl+C) to help keep track of your character's currencies ingame. This will be how event currencies are dealt with in future.

New Feature – AFK Detection
A simple system that identifies AFK characters, this is to help with the new server-wide events system, only active players get a share in the collective reward.

New Feature – Item States
Framework added for a new feature that can be used to affect items, items can now obtain a status effect which can impact the way the item affects the player. Example, using a Whetstone on a weapon can make it Sharpened, increasing the attack damage by a certain % until the item becomes blunted, reducing the attack damage by a certain %.

New Monster AI types added. Look out for evil chickens!

New Feature - Skill Particle System
New Particle System Added for use with skill/spell effects.
Fixes to the colour blending framework.
Updated draw blending style

Black Market replaces the Game Shop
All associated Game Gold Buying options were removed. Information about the supporter program we run is now linked in-game at the Black Market.

Added some new GM commands
Added some new NPC based commands

Quest System Updates
Quest System Updates, the backend of the quest system has been updated and overhauled in preparation for a huge upcoming content patch.

New Quest Type – Server Wide Events
These server-wide events are randomly started by the server and apply to ALL active players online (including those that log on during the event). It’s a collective kill quest that counts all kills by all players, if completed inside the time frame ALL active online players on the server get rewarded. This is a new way to obtain synthesis points, ‘game gold’ and gold.
Currently 60+ different level kill events spanning 3 difficulty levels. Low (aimed at players under lv30) Mid (aimed at lv30-lv60) and High (lv60-lv90). More to be added in the future based on player feedback.

New Quest Type Added – Region
These quests require you to find/visit a certain location.

New Quest Type Added – Daily
These quest types must be completed in a single server day, and will reset automatically at the end of the day.

New Quest Type Added – Repeatable
Quests that can be retaken on completion.

Framework for two further quest types – Story and Account, added but not yet active.

Quest Icons updated
Improved Quest Tracker UI

Class related updates

Taoist low level summon adjustment
Taoist Summon Scaling
- Adjusted the formula slightly for summons when character level is under 50 as those ones were not scaling inline with the over level 50 varients.
Also added this mechanic to Grand Spirit Call (not yet released)

Assassin Skill Change - Chain Rage

- Changed skill to target all mobs 1 tile around the Sin (rather than 1-3 random targets)
- fixed associated crash bug

Summoner Items Fix

There were still a number of non-teir items that were set to allow taoist only, these have been updated to a new SC Class Only requirment.
This includes 2 item sets (malachite, alexandrite)
Breakdown of additions to the summoners item pool:
-72 Weapons Added
-16 Armours added (8 male / 8 female)
-1 Helmet added
-3 Necklace items added
-3 bracelet items added
-3 ring items added
-1 boots added

Summoner Skill Change - Call Lesser Spirit
- Added additional ability to focus the spirit being called based on the Manarite equipped, limited to Fire, Ice, wind and Lightning.
- Holy and Dark Spirits will remain available only through random chance when no manarite condition is triggered.
- Requires atleast +1 in the required element affinty to trigger. (Any level manarite should work)
- Calling a lesser spirit with manarite will decrease the manarites durability by 3.

Summoner Skill Change - Call Greater Spirit
- Added additional ability to focus the spirit being called based on the Manarite equipped, limited to Fire, Ice, wind and Lightning.
- Holy and Dark Spirits will remain available only through random chance when no manarite condition is triggered.
- Requires atleast +11 in the required element affinty to trigger. (level 2+ manarite should work)
- Calling a lesser spirit with manarite will decrease the manarites durability by 5.

TIP: Equipping a Level 1 Manarite (+10 element affinity) will allow you to focus summon a lesser spirit, whilst also allowing you still random call a greater spirit without unequipping the manarite first.

Summoner Skill - Call Grand Spirit
- Added additional ability to focus the spirit being called based on the Manarite equipped, limited to Fire, Ice, wind and Lightning.
- Holy and Dark Spirits will remain available only through random chance when no manarite condition is triggered.
- Requires atleast +16 in the required element affinty to trigger. (level 3+ manarite should work)
- Calling a lesser spirit with manarite will decrease the manarites durability by 10.

Bug Fixes
Chatbox bug fixes
Offset skill key fixes.
Image offsets fix
AllowGroup Fix (Instance related)
Item type ‘Shield’ Now correctly shows as Off-Hand in item descriptions
Old item description information correctly removed (Item Level, Item EXP Replaced by Synthesis System)
Removed weight label information (item weight is being phased out)
Storage tab scroll view fix.
Show missing categories in the comms.
Partial and Server crash fixes

Special thanks to all of our staff ( @mrgreaper @Fub4r and those not on LOMCN ) who continue to provide these updates in their spare time, Xtreme wouldn’t be the same without you :)

Additional special thanks to @Far for the continued development of the core source and @zedina @Vaytrex @Fusion for putting up with all the late-night questions! :)
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I'm so bad at keeping these up to date on LOMCN!
Heres all of May 2022 Updates
Phoenix Patch Notes - 3rd May 2022

Black Market Moved button into view for 'become a supporter'
Server crash bug fix
Visual effects toggle options for Supporters (@ PATREON / @ PATREONOFF)
Server AI Update, added additional vocabulary options

Phoenix Patch Notes - 4th May 2022
fix for game gold being distributed in server events
fix for huntgold and game gold display in inventory window
removed siren for current server events when logging in

Phoenix Patch Notes - 14th May 2022
General Updates
Client software updates
Particle system update
Additional updates to further improve the particle system for additional spell effects.

Game Updates
Other notable updates
Leaderboard ranking updates.
Veteran Buff is now applied on any character on the same account that is lower than the highest level character on your account.

Hall of Souls Update
Mob Tokens
All sub-bosses, bosses and behemoths now have a chance to drop a ‘Token’ which can be used to respawn the mob in the Hall of Souls at any time.
EVERY sub-boss, boss and behemoth is now added to this system.

Hall of Souls
Area updated to accommodate to the new token updates.

Professions Update
Framework for the gathering professions is mostly done in this patch, new animations and actions added, this system will be fleshed out more in the next update (it’s only partially visible at the moment as this patch was pulled forward a little). A full system will be implemented in the next few patches.
Economy Reboot (Backend Changes)
Item drops revised server-wide
Gold drops revised server-wide
Item values changed throughout the whole database
Item values now have a complex NPC value formula, each added stat, each increase in rarity level, each synthesis forge, all of these things now impact the cost of an item directly.
Repair costs are fixed based on the actual value of the item.

Mirbay System Updates
Commissions merchant renamed officially on our server to ‘Mirbay’.
1) New toggle option to only show equipable items for your current character.
2) list things by level required
3) visual changes allow you to see at a glance what level or class is required
4) Custom named items display their name clearly
5) It's like the old one but way way better.....coded by the guy that hated the old one…
Instance System Updates
Framework updated to allow instances based on map movement
(Map testing to be done on PTR before hitting LIVE, but the system is ready)

Bug Fixes
Fixed Burn Effect graphics not clearing from view correctly.
Genderless Tiered Armours - Correctly Named
Starter Items (Skill Books) now correctly given on character creation
Please note this is a partially complete patch, so there is more to come as part of this one, circumstances beyond our control (namely a kitten called Luna..) meant we are releasing it in 2 parts
Phoenix Patch Notes - 14th May 2022
New Feature - Dungeon Instancing
Just like it says on the tin, and whilst it might not sound like a big thing, it's huge! and the possibilities that will come from this are quite exciting.
There generally 2 types on instancing now available in game.
Location-based instances
These instances occur naturally on certain maps when you enter them, and are setup with a group instance structure, you and anyone in your current group can access this personal instance without worrying about other non-grouped players entering and potentially kill stealing or generally having to work out sharing arrangements.

Dungeon Finder Instances
A new window has been added ingame, accessed by using the key combination Shift + D, we will add a button for this later.

Dungeon finder instances can be joined directly from this window, and show you the entry requirements. Generally these are split into 3 sub-catagories, Solo, Group and Guild.
Solo instances, can only be accessed by non-grouped players and it is a personal 1 player instance, there are a few plans for these in the next few patches.
Group instances, can only be accessed by grouped players, size of the allowed group and any level requirements will be posted on the instance information (see the image above for an example).
Guild instances, can only be accessed by groups, but each player must be part of a guild in addition to any other requirements. Groups containing players from multiple guilds are allowed and encouraged.
To join an instance each member of the group can open the Dungeon finder and select the area they want to go and press Join instance.

Cooldowns and Instance Closing
Each subtype of instance also has a cooldown timer and closing condition, once the last player leaves the instance it will stay open for re-entry for 10 minutes, after that it will close and you will need to rejoin a new instance after the cooldown expires (cooldowns for each instance are also on the information screen).
As a player, the cooldown applies to your character directly, there is a separate cooldown for each subtype of instance. You can join a Solo, Group or Guild subtype as each carries it's own cooldown.

Other updates
Framework completed for the upcoming seasonal rewards system, this will be applied during the gold wipe on Friday.
Bug Fixes
Guild tax not calculating or populating - fixed
NPC item value glitch - fixed
Mirbay scroll bar visual glitch - fixed
PvP related crash bug - fixed
Legacy weight related server crash - fixed
Instance related crash - fixed

Economy Reset and Season 3 Start
In order to prepare the server for upcoming patches, it has been decided that the economy must first be fixed.
To this end all characters from season's 0,1 and 2 (so that's both non-seasonal and previous seasonal characters) will have their account golds reset, retaining upto 1 million gold.
A one time action of rewarding all characters the seasonal rewards for the end of Season 2 will be issued on your next login, you will receive a certain number of reward items in the form of Lootbox(Seasonal), this lootbox contains random season end rewards and can be opened to obtain them.
The total amount of loot boxes will be worked out by total gold milestones. (1mil,5mil,10mil,25mil,50mil,100mil,250mil,500mil, 1bil, 5bil, 10bil, 25bil+)

Some changes to note, any NPC obtainable consumable items will no longer be sellable back to npcs and will also be non-tradable via the mirbay system.
If you character has any of these consumables in storage somewhere, they can still be used, but can not be sold to NPCs or put up on Mirbay.

This is the ground work for the upcoming herbalism and alchemy professions being added in the very near future, any items gathered or crafted will be sellable and tradable, paving the way forward for a new player driven economy.
Phoenix Patch Notes - 22nd May 2022
Instances feature expanded,
Dungeon finder (Shift+D) can now only be used in safezones.
On instance creation via the dungeon finder window, for group and guild instances, only the group leader can create the instance, and a message prompt will trigger to confirm. All group members will be teleported in on initial creation, but can rejoin manually using the same method if they leave.

Added Nagaria Ruins instance map test for viewing (no mobs just a map preview)

Bug fixes
Server crash bug fixed
Ranking gold fixed
Repair costs fixed

known issue: groups can see other grouped/guild members from multiple instances on same minimap (being fixed)

Phoenix Patch Notes - 29th May 2022
Instancing Updates
Added a number of new instances to the game, see below for how these work.
Instance Type - there are 2 ways to enter an instance, these are defined by their type.
-- Dungeon Finder (DF) where you can access them using the DF interface (Shift+D)
-- Automatic, where the instance happens on Entry to a map.
Group Type - There are 3 group types, Solo, Group and Guild.
-- Solo - You can only enter non-grouped, you will be alone.
-- Group - You must be part of a group of 2 or more players to enter.
-- Guild - You must be in a guild to enter (you can still enter as a solo player, but also as a group, multiple guild groups are also permitted under this type)
Max instances - Total number of simultaneous instances permitted.
Cooldown - Time required to pass before you can re-enter another instance of the same group type.
Additional info - instances will remain open for 5 minutes from the point the last player leaves, then the instance will be removed allowing a new one to be opened.

New Instance Added - Stone Tomb Boss Room
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

New Instance Added - Prajna Temple Boss Room
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

New Instance Added - Zuma Temple Boss Room
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

New Instance Added - Wooma Temple Boss Room
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

New Instance Added - Black Palace Boss Room
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

New Instance Added - Jinchon Palace Boss Room
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

New Instance Added - Numa Ruins Boss Room (and Boss Room 2)
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes
New Instance Added - Lava Temple Boss Room
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

New Instance Added - Death Valley Boss Room
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

New Instance Added - Red Moon Valley Boss Room
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

New Instance Added - Snow Palace Boss Room
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

New Instance Added - Snow Tower Boss Room
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes

New Instance Added - Dragon Abyss Boss Room
Instance type: Auto
Group Type: Guild
Max Instances: 3
Cooldown: 10 Minutes
Season Updates
Once a new season starts, any items acquired during the previous season will convert to a non-seasonal item automatically. (These are items that say 'Season# Drop').
Consumable items acquired during previous seasons are now once again sellable at npcs, however, these non-season consumable items are now 'worthless' to npcs, they can still be traded. Any consumables acquired during the current season can be sold for regular sell prices at npcs.

Ranking tables updated, Season 3 leaderboard added.

Fixed Season / Non-Season UI on character creation.

Any corrupted Soulmon Shards will be fixed automatically on your next login.
Any corrupted items will be removed automatically on your next login.
Any Legacy items from pre-season patch will be converted to Non-Season items on next login.
Fixed issue with instances showing group/guild members across instances.
Fixed issue with new characters not starting with correct items.
Item Synthesis now correctly charges gold and SP based on items next synthesis level.
Tali explosion not using talis fixed.
evil slayer not using holy talis fixed.
Updated item merging rules, items with different season flags no longer stack.
Updated Potion Bundles to account for Seasonal-Items. A potion bundle with a Non-season flag, will create new potions with the non-season flag. Similarly, a potion bundle with a season 3 status, will create potions with season 3 status.
Added missing mobs on Numa Ruins Floor 3
Removed remaining white whistle items, these have been replaced by boss tokens.
Adamantoise bounty quest fixed.
Npc selling issue with some legacy items fixed
Item typo Warrior Guard fixed
Dragon Abyss Sub-Bosses Blue Sama, Phoenix Sama, Black Sama and White Tiger Sama now all have a chance of dropping the Ancestral Tablet required for entry to the King room.
Fixed issue with spiritgems not expiring after they reach 0 durability.


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Mar 8, 2005
August and September 2022 Updates
Moving over to linking the discord patch notes from here as it preserves all of the images and preview gifs too.

Patch Notes - 06 August 2022

Patch Notes - 07 August 2022

Patch Notes - 12 August 2022

Patch Notes 15th August 2022

Patch Notes - 20th August 2022

Patch Notes 2 - 20th August 2022

Patch Notes - 26th August 2022

Patch Notes - 18th September 2022

Additional Updates
Confirmed working with Windows 11
Added AI for the Summoner Grand Spirits
Added AI for Azureal, Crimson, Sylphear and Voltrax bosses (Nagaria Ruins Floor 5)
Nagaria Ruins spawns sorted floors 1-11
item drops for nagaria ruins floors 1-12
Adjusted Naga Cryomancer, Pyromance, Aeromance and Electromancer status affects to be applied much less often.
Bosses, Azureal, Crimson, Sylphear and Voltrax, status affects less often but more stable duration when applied.
Increased the size of all Heroic Mob models to 30% larger than the non heroic variants.
Increased the size of all ToK Boss models to 20% larger than non-ToK variants.
Increased the model size of all behemoths by 50%
sub bosses size increased by around 20%
Added Consumables option back to companion filter
Added 'booty' option back to options, renamed to 'Mob Loot'
Ascension quest for level 140-150 added
Increased mob density in desert tunnel, desert city and desert mines

Community Patch Request List:
1) Pot bundles back in game
Bundles have been removed in preparation for an upcoming update, I have however reduced the overall cost of consumables purchasable in shops to mirror the same cost of bundles. Potion stack increased to 999 per stack to help with the inventory space saving.

2) Benes in shops
Luck+ consumables are no longer purchasable in stores, but can now be found and farmed freely from all sub-boss, boss, and behemoth class mobs in game.

3) A New cave to hunt in
4) New armours and accessories to go with their level.
5) New cave fix to allow trans for Taos
Nagaria Ruins is a new location for hunting in this patch, it's difficulty will vary depending on class, playstyle and group size, but minimum level requirements have been set at level 70+ Items in this location drop in the level 90-120 range.

6) Transparency and pets to be enabled in JP
7) Tweak the Lords power against Taos in Bastian and Oak. (Taos have to constantly heal themselves to fight fully which is a disadvantage against other classes)
Transparency, shadowstep, geomanipulation will now all be referred to as short range teleport skills for the purpose of map based restrictions, and will either be enabled or disabled as a group. this change has been applied across maps.
All mobs that previously had an ability to insta-kill pets, summons and spirits, now have a scaled down version of the same attack that removes 5-15% of the pets HP each attack, this should give pet using playstyles a fair chance at killing the same mobs.
8) Fix the leader board so we can see the rankings of offline folk.
Completely new ranking interface complete with equipment inspection and player searching added (offline and online).

9) Increase likelihood of T10 drops
Tier items are exclusive boss and behemoth drops, T10 is a level 100 set of items, so bosses needed to be level 100+ or exclusive drops like doomclaw/adamantoise). The new area will have these too.

10) Have high level regrets in more drops
Regret potions will drop based on level and type of mob, loose drop guide, Regrets 1-10 from sub bosses, 11-16 from bosses, 17-20 from behemoths.

11) A level 140 quest and cap uplift
Added level 140 ascension quest, player will need to find and kill 'Midnight' in Nagaria Ruins

Additional Nagaria Ruins Updates
Added escape points on floor 5 and floor 12 (only allows town teleport)
Added entry requirements to floors 5-12 (now requires a Ocean Core to descend)
Ocean Cores sometimes drop from Naga Brutes which can be found on all non-boss floors from 4-11


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Mar 8, 2005
Patch Notes - 16th October 2022
TLDR: Monthly Update, New Drop and Loot System Mechanics, Item Grades, plus lots more, read full log for details!

Patch Notes - 26th November 2022

TLDR: New Features, New Visuals, New Mounts, New Skills, Improved Skills, Area Updates, Aggro, Overkills, Regen, it's all there, read it!


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Mar 8, 2005
Patch Notes - 18th December 2022

TLDR: Heroic and Mythic Dungeons, Xmas Event, Item Gamble NPCs... and more.

Patch Notes - 6th January 2022

TLDR: Big item UI updates, added fishing!


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Mar 8, 2005
Patch Notes - 24th January 2023
New Feature - Instance Raid System
4 New difficulties added,

- Heroic, Mythic, Archaic, Primordial
Each difficulty provided a new challenge giving bigger and better bonuses, making revisiting older locations viable for both leveling and equipment regardless of your level.
There are minimum level requirements for each difficulty tier, however they are flat requirements across all dungeon locations.
Heroic - Level 40+
Mythic - Level 60+
Archaic - Level 80+
Primordial - Level 100+

Entry requirements added,
- To join a raid instance you will require a special token dropped by the boss of the area. This approach allows you progress your way through these areas at your own pace, with or without a group.
regular bosses drop heroic entry tokens,
heroic bosses drop mythic entry tokens,
mythic bosses drop archaic entry tokens,
archaic bosses drop primordial entry tokens,

Starting a Raid via the Dungeon Finder UI
Raid can be started directly from the dungeon finder UI (shift+d) and only the raid leader has to 'pay' the token to open the instance.
Raid instances remain open until there are no players left, players can continue to re-enter the raid without re-paying the entry token until the instance closes.

Item Prefixes
Expanding on the original item name generation, we've added Prefixes to track the origin of the raid tier items
Prefixed items are only obtainable in raid areas (heroic, mythic, archaic, primordial)
items with these prefixes have a minimum level wearing condition in line with the entry requirements for those areas.
Heroic items require level 40, Mythic - level 60, Archaic - Level 80, and Primordial - Level 100, if the base item has a lower level requirement this rule will take priority.




Content Expansion
As we previously mentioned, this is our replacement system for the old rebirth approach. instead focusing on better late and endgame content and replay-ability. Initially 14 Prime hunting locations across both the original maps and some custom maps will now have full Heroic, Mythic, Archaic and Primordial dungeon variants, making a total of 56 new challenging hunting locations available, each with reworked mobs and items. Difficulty and Drop Quality will increase as you progress. This should increase the range of items available and better support multiple build and play styles.
The following areas have been prepared for this content patch:
Original Areas: Stone Tomb, Wooma Temple, Prajna Temple, Zuma Temple, Black Palace, Jinchon Palace, Death Valley, Red Moon Valley, Numa Ruins, Lava Temple, Snow Palace, Snow Tower, Dragon Abyss.
Custom Areas: Temple of Kings


Improved Fishing - New UI, Equipment Items and Bait
Tweaked the UI based on feedback, making the sytsem more engaging and fun, the full fishing bar will now always be available during fishing.
Fishing reward tier will be calculated based on the distance thrown and the fishing-related stat bonuses from equipped items, the further you cast and the better your equipment the more items will be available to catch.
Indicator of when fish accuracy is reached
Fishing yields a maximum of 1 reward per cast by default (max rewards can be altered using a mixture of equipment and consumables.)
Fishing now requires bait for each cast (fisher supplies NPC updated with basic set of all gear and bait)
All player buffs are now paused when fishing just like when standing in a safe zone.


Misc Updates
Added Shields Visual Effects Framework
Added auto-remove Items from user if no longer exists in database (fix only affects some legacy characters)
Tier Armours for MC and SC Classes stats fixed.
fixed server crash bug.

Client Updates
Updated SlimDX dll, should further improve client performance and stability.
client performance now prioritises x64 architecture. (windows 10/11 64-bit OS only, though windows 7/8 64-bit should still work fine)