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Apr 14, 2004
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For people who don’t know what plagiarism is:

"Plagiarism is the practice of (dishonestly) claiming or implying original authorship of material which one has not actually created, such as when a person incorporates material from someone else's work into his own work without attributing it. Shakespeare's appropriation of stories into his plays may be considered plagiarism, except that Shakespeare never claimed that the stories were his own, and his transformations of them were so great that they served as literary sources, not as copied materials"

It has been decided that people who claim work that was created by someone else will be awarded infraction points.

Copying someone else work and claiming it as your own is neither smart nor funny. If you use someone else work in a piece you are creating then it would be polite if you mentioned them in your post, this isnt always possible as we rarely know the author, no action will be taken against people using other peoples renders in their work.

All staff will be looking closely at peoples submitted work. We also encourage all members to let us know if they believe someone to be copying. Hard proof will be required so if you don’t have any sufficient evidence to prove that the work does not belong to that member it will be a waste of time contacting us.

I will personally deal with these problems so if you have proof of plagiarism send me a private message, if for any reason I am unavailable please feel free to contact any other member of staff.

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