The Warrior's Skill Guide

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Starting out Mir4 can be a bit much there are so many system in place that effect not only your character but your playstyle this guide is designed so you know how and when you should be manual using each skill to get the best performance out of this class.

Skill Breakdown
Each class get the same number of skills and ultimate attacks however each skill can be upgraded from Tier 1 to Tier 10 addtionally at Tier 5/8/9/10 Most skills get a significant effect boost this is not to be underestimated. Addtionally you can open your skill menu and check what each rank gives as improvements so i will only be posting the tier 1 information in the breakdown section. Side Note: Effects will be explained below and some bosses/unique monsters are resistant or immune to certain control effects.

Dragon Flame - Ultimate Attack

Dragon Flame is a standard sized circular aoe that consumes a large amount of mp but deals a large amount of damage.

Tier 1 - it deals 660% (770% Maxed) Physical damage as Physical damage and hits 4 times, it also grants the caster 3 seconds of Invincibility after casting and can Knockdown Monster at 100% and Players at a 10% (120% Maxed) chance.

Splitting Slash
Splitting Slash is a Small linear rectangle attack with a low MP cost.

Tier 1 210% Physical damage when dazed bash and damage bonus +50% it has a 100% knockdown chance vs monsters 0% vs players.

Void Slash
Void slash is a Small linear rectangle attack with a low MP cost.

Tier 1 - 250% Physical damage 3 hits that causes dazed for 5 seconds.

Body Check
Body Check is a Small linear rectangle attack with a Medium MP cost.

Tier 1 220% Physical damage causes dazed for 5 seconds, 100% knockdown chance vs monsters 10% vs players however more targets means decreased chance on the knockdown.

Ground Smash
Ground Smash is a Circular Medium AOE originating from your characters location around you with a low MP Cost.

Tier 1 250% Physical damage when dazed bash and damage bonus +50% with 100% knockdown chance vs monsters and 10% vs players however knockdown chances are decreased by more targets.

Gale Slash
Gale is a 2x Circular Medium AOE with a low MP Cost.

Tier 1 380% Physical damage 9 hits well casting immune to crowd control and when a target is Confused or Quelled bash and damage bonus +50%

Lion's Roar
Lion's Roar is a Circular Medium AOE that originates from you with a low MP Cost.

Tier 1 130% Physical damage -80 physical attack for 10 seconds vs the targets, dazed and confused for 5 seconds and 100% chance to stun monsters for 2 seconds.

Riposte is a Circular Large AOE that originates from you with a low MP Cost.

Tier 1 252%% Physical damage Immune to crowd control while casting, taunts nearby monsters reduces all damage by 24% for 3 seconds 100% knockdown vs monsters 10% vs players more targets mean decreased chance.

Iron Shackle
Iron Shackle is a large forward facing cone effect with a low MP Cost.

Tier 1 220% Physical damage 3 hits pulls enemies towards you.

Crescent Strike
Crescent Strike is a Large linear rectangle attack with a Low MP cost.

Tier 1 180% Physical damage 50% bash and damage boost when Confused or Quelled.

Berserk is a small AOE that originates from you with a Medium MP Cost.

Tier 1 80%% Physical damage Invincible for 1.5 seconds after casting skill attack damage bonus 12% for 15 seconds can cause confused for 5 seconds when hit.

Barbaric Charge
Barbaric Charge is a Large linear attack that pulls enemies toward you from all directions attack with a large MP cost.

Tier 1 280% Physical damage pulling nearby enemies while charging the target causes dazed for 5 seconds with 100% knockdown chance vs monsters and 10% knockdown chance vs players more targets mean decreased chance.

Unbreakable Stance
Unbreakable Stance is a small AOE that originates from you with a Medium MP Cost.

Tier 1 80%% Physical damage granting the player +60 evasion for 20 seconds and reducing monster damage by 20% for 10 seconds.

Evasion is a basic skill every class gets but its a vital one if you want to play to the endgame you will have to master it on a melee class or reroll into a ranged class for an easier life.

Weaken Effect - Weaken is a debuff which affects the target's basic stats. It grants skills with Bash effects to deal increased damage and some skills to add status effects to the target.
Daze - Triggers Bash (Does not stack)
Confuse - Triggers Bash (Does not stack)
Expose - Triggers Bash (Does not stack)
Chill - Triggers Bash, Chance to Freeze (Stun), DMG boost (Max 3 stacks)
Burn - DMG boost, Unremovable (Max 3 stacks)
Darkness - Debuff increasing Silence / Blind application chance (Max 3 stacks)
Silence Effect - Unable to use most skills for a set duration
Blind Effect - Enveloped in shadow, missing most attacks for a set duration
Bash - At the moment the community think this refers to a classes basic attack. (Submitted a ticket waiting on responce)

Okay now that the information dump part is out of the way lets talk Skillbar setup and rotation.

When you start a combo you will notice a flaming circle round certain skills that means they meet the requirements for the bonuses for example Void Slash causes Daze which enables Ground Smash's Damage bonus.

PVE/PVP Skills 1-6 and rotation

Bar 1 -
Barbaric Charge > Berserk > Void Slash > Ground Smash > Gale Slash.> Lion's Roar (You can cast Lions roar before Gale should Berserk not have caused a proc of confusion)

Bar 2 - Crescent Strike > Body Check > Splitting Slash. Then the last few skills are Situational but in terms of damage it would be Riposte (Defensive Taunt) > Iron Shackles (Pulling adds or players) > Unbreakable Stance (Evasion buff and monster defensive buff).

Some of these skills get better at higher ranks but that setup is standard the things that will make you shine as a warrior though is knowing when to taunt and use evasion as for your ultimate yes you can use it in PVP and yes it can deal a killing blow infact its possible better than using Lion's Roar > Crescent strike the issue is it eats a lot of MP and MP potions are currently bugged as for its PVE uses if timed correctly you can make up for a mistake like using evasion too early but needing to dodge an aoe.

Edit 01/09/2021 - Adding Addtional Information.

Equipment Starting out use what give you the best stats however if you intend to play to endgame keep reading below.

Equipment falls into 4 grades Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Red), and Legendary (Yellow) in addtion it has 4 tiers I, II, III, IV when you reach tier IV and enhance the item to +8 you can substitute said item of a lower grade in place of Horns, Scale, and leather for the next grade up turning an uncommon into a rare a rare into an epic and lastly an epic into a legendary (This doesn't remove other material requirement from crafting). Now there is an easily made mistake that can be made here because there are two sets of equipment up to the epic grade however only one set of the epic grade can be turned into legendaries. For the Warrior here are the some examples.

Swords Uncommon-Legendary for weapons but the Axe stops at Epic IV.
Light armour > White tiger battlemaster > True Potiental Armour > Heavenly Connection Armour Uncommon-Legendary for Armour.

So My advice is only use material to craft for the legendary path items unless you already have them in which case your crafting to complete your codex. Addtionally its not worth crafting a +8 uncommon to turn it into a rare and to get a +8 item it will most likely require you to use Mystic Enhancement stones and Darkened Enhancement stones to prevent/reduce breaking chance.

As for Spirits use whatever is best however I strongly advise Three Tailed Snowfox (Rare) or Assassin Nyanja (Epic) if your playing a warrior as one of there skills gives Evasion a 30% chance to instantly reset the cooldown when used which is very useful in both PVE & PVP.

Other useful information to be added as time goes on.

Altered the Crafting Section to explain things better. 04/09/2021
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