TheEnd Mir2 Server

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Aug 17, 2015
Haven't seen such a bold attempt to use unique and polished looking maps, hopefully the mobs/drops and purpose of these maps is as polished.

Would be nice to get a map of your server for an idea of how spread out players are going to be, if too much content just mainly ends up being some PvE delight....which is what those op looking AoE skills suggest.

I'm not too thrilled about seeing Poison Cloud....but I'll refrain myself seeing as the damage is so low and just seems to be a mass poison spreader, would pref to see role focused skills rather than Oprah going "you can AoE, you can, everyone has AoE!".
All those maps are ready to be used but not in-game content yet those are for upcoming updates I am so keen on keeping the server balanced in terms of PVE and PVP and not focused on one term, as well not all already known maps are in-game yet also to be placed on expansions and updates I am just making people sure that this server is ready for a long term unlike all negativity am getting about how many servers I did open and claiming I am as well a cash cow server maker
Regarding the skills this is not all of what is already in-game there is mainy more PVP focused skills some of them already been seen before and some of them are new to be seen. My simple concern is to make people sure how hard I been working on this server and what they can expect to find in the future apart of thinking this server will only be running for a month, actually I have got it covered for a long time to keep people enjoying a proper server


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Jan 19, 2015
are the new looking maps all flat? or doing their middle/front objects work?
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