Xenos Mir 3 - Coming Soon

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Dedicated Member
Mar 19, 2005
Devon, UK
Server Rates:
Experience: x150 (Medium)
Drops: Custom
Gold: Custom
Monster: x2

Max Level: 1000
Starting Level: 1
Starting Gold: 0

Expected release date 10/04/2020.

Some of the custom features:
- Balanced Taoist pets so they are relevant at higher levels.
- Completely reworked rebirths and the stats that are rewarded.
- Group buff (+40% Exp, Drop and Gold) when all 4 classes are in a group.
- Plenty of custom content with no copy and paste.
- Many new hunting areas and items.

Host Information:
Dedicated server with 1GB per second link.

Discord Link:
Xenos Mir
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