Xtreme Phoenix Mir 3 - Reboot

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Mar 1, 2014
I see the same old whiners and whingers throwing their toys out the pram and abusing others when they cant get their own way. If you don't like a server because YOU want everything to be done acording to your ideas and ways, close the door on your way out and start your own server. Ideas are great for a server. Don't mean they are Great ideas.


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Oct 5, 2006
Better shut up? this is a public forum I can say what i want, (Abiding by LOMCN rules) if they dont want bad feedback advertise elsewhere, im saving people the time and telling them to just wait for a server where they actually care, theres a few in upcoming.

no one cares about your opinion your same little **** on different server anyone just has to look at your post history. UC is growing before they have even implemented a 1/8th of what they will add over time. Just jog on and move to the next server and copy and paste the same comments over and over and over.


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Mar 8, 2005
New Patch:
Branding Update
We have a new official logo, the client should update to use this too.

New Drop System
In line with our overall plans, we have changed the drop system to fit inline with our vision of making phoenix fit in with more modern MMOs. As such the dro system itself has undergone some fundamental changes, previously each monster in the game had its own unique drop file and you would maybe have to spend hours trying to kill one type of monster to obtain a certain item. This for me is a stark contrast to how drops should work.
Going forward we will be switching to a drop table mechanic, this means that items will be dropped based on the level of the monster killed, meaning you can finally vary up your hunting and still be in with a chance of getting drops for your character.
There are some exceptions, some monsters will still have monster specific drops, such as meat and mob items (like mutton and husks). Some specific items like Zuma relic and such will still be obtainable from one location).
This is the first major test for this system and we welcome feedback regarding drop rates and item variance, things are going to be different.
Many more items are now in-game including up to item level 90 now.
More changes to come for this system in the next patch, watch this space.

Item Rarity::
We have been working through the framework for this system and more will be available very soon, for now, you will notice the following changes to some items drops if you are lucky.
Common Items (Item is standard)
Magic Items (Appearing as a light blue colour when dropped, has a few added extra stats compared with the common version)
Rare Items (Appearing as a yellow colour when dopped, has additional extra stats compared to magic item version)
Legendary Items (Appearing as an orange colour when dopped, has even more additional extra stats compared to rare item version)
Xtreme Items (Appearing as a red colour when dopped, these are unique items in their own right)

Experience Table Balancing:
Continued rebalancing of the experience table, I think we are about there now.
Level speed for 1-25 improved
Levelling speed from 25-50 smoothed out
levelling speed from 50-80 smoothed out
Level Cap increased from 80 to 90 inline with new items available in the drop tables.
Framework complete for taking characters to level 250, expect more level cap increases soon.

Skills and Spells
Framework now completed for ascended skills (skill levels 6-10) These will be available to use soon, for now, you will see them in-game in the skills menu.
Empowered Poison has been fixed (thanks to lionsmight for the help locating the issue)
Tao pet limit increased to 3 (to match the current wiz tame ability)

Quality of Life Changes (QoL)
Guild Leave/Join Delay Timer removed.
Gold pile size increased from 25k to 100k
Synthesis Stones should now have a red glow when dropped to make them easier to identify
Rebirth system removed, this will not be required on Phoenix.
Belts now have dura and can be repaired.
Belts added to Companion Filter.
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Mar 8, 2005
Added Soul Monsters System:
There is a new tab in-game, check the tab after Character.
- When killing tamable monsters, you have a chance of getting that monsters Soul Shard.
- Soul Monsters (Soulmons - see what we did there?) can gain experience and also level up.
- The experience needed to level up is unique to each Soulmon (even those of the same type), but the required amount for the next level is always higher than the previous level.
- Every time a Soulmon levels up they gain additional stats, these are also unique, even the same type can grow at different rates.
- Soulmons have the ability to ascend, there are up to 5 levels of ascension for each Soulmon and these determine the rate and range of their stat increases each level (The higher the ascension the higher the chance to receive more stats.) This ability is random and can happen at any level!
- Soulmons are naturally weaker when they are first equipped and summoned, you can visit a Healing Well to restore them to full HP.
- If a Soulmon is defeated in battle it will return to its Soul Shard, you can resummon it with a small amount of health afterwards however you will need to visit a healing well to restore it to full HP.
- The Soul Shard contains all of the Soulmons data, this item can be traded, sold or shared with other players, the stats are retained in the Soul Shard.
- There are currently 32 Soul Monsters, can you collect them all?

Added Character Ascension System:
- All characters can now reach level 100, to break that limit you will require an Ascension Shard.
- Each Ascension Shard (a consumable) grants an additional 10 levels, upto the server limit (currently lv250).
- Ascension Shards are available via the Ascension Shard Quests.
- As well as increasing the character level cap, ascension also unlocks new skill levels (lv 6, 7, 8, 9, 10).

Drop System and Item Naming Framework (INF):
Added rarity upgrades, any item has a chance to drop with increased rarity, and therefore increased additional stats. (Legendary Wooden Sword anyone?) We wanted to bring a little element of excitement back to loot hunting.
Item names, all items also have a chance of dropping with magical names, there are currently over 1.3 million combinations of names and stats increases for all items.
We have now also added a slim chance for item names to include player names of players currently online. This has proven very popular.
- Items now show rarity
- Items name saved better on the item (internal)
- item border colour on mouse over unique to the rarity of the item
- Item name in the market place is the colour of the item rarity
Certain words in new items get bonus (word related) stats above the default ones.
When creating an item from parts, slim chance of INF kicking in and providing an upgrade
Slim chance of items sent for synthesis coming back with a rarity upgrade

Client Additions
So as you guys know we have been looking at making Phoenix reboot a family-friendly server, but what you may not know is how we intend to improve our user experience.
We've has been working on a few special additions to the client that should help us address a few outstanding items I had on my todo list.
Firstly, adding a fully integrated Text to speech engine. This is primarily an accessibility option however it also serves as an upgrade. New configuration options have been added to the config to control what elements will be narrated in TTS, this includes all variations of chat and also NPC screens. From a personal perspective, it means my young kids will be able to partake in quests even if the words are a little too complicated for them to read. But it doubles as an improved experience giving a voice and more life to the NPCs.
We’ve also added more screen resolution options (includes most normal screen resolutions along with a few very large resolutions, the larger ones are probably better for observer and GMs but we may find other uses.

Fixed monsters in lost lands 1 2 and 3 these should now be at around the correct stats, Boss and Sub Boss now give synthesis points and should put up a good fight.
Updated the monsters, Azog chubabrak And urukhia and added synthesis points.
Updated some incorrect mob names.
Increased the spawn density in Desert Tunnel Level 3.
Beware Doom Claw, he’s been tweaked to reflect his end game status.
Sabuk Lord HP set to reflect his special AI....

Changed and updated all Health Potions, Mana Potions and Rejuvenation Potions to work better with our character stat changes.
All equipment items should now be dropable and tradable.
Renamed and Updated the stats on level 60, 64, 70, 75 and 83 armours for Sins
Renamed and Updated the stats on level 60, 64, 70, 75 and 83 armours for Warriors
Renamed and Updated the stats on level 60, 64, 70, 75 and 83 armours for Wizards
Renamed and Updated the stats on level 60, 64, 70, 75 and 83 armours for Taoists
Added New Level 90 Weapons to the drop tables. (Mobs level 81-90 will drop these)
Added Ascension Shards (see ascension system for more details)
Added Soul Shards (see soul monsters system for more details)

Experience Table Balancing:
Made some more monster specific tweaks, too many to name, but mostly in the 50-90 areas.

Added Hall of Souls
Hall of souls replaces whistle spot, get the new waypoint from Lara
Cla Narg now holds the whistle UI
Only the person who summoned a boss or a staff member can remove the Boss that is spawned.
This feature is going to be expanded on
Bosses summoned here now only give the player with the final blow the kill count (soul), drops/XP/synthesis points etc are still divided up among the group as normal.

New Mounts System
The framework for this system has been added, you will notice the area where this will be activated, more details in a later patch.

New Content
The starting map of the second world is now in-game, Hells Wall is currently accessed by speaking to Lara (Level 50+)
- New mobs
- New dungeons are being prepared on this world for level 80-140

Quality of Life Updates
King Room Requirements reduced by 10x
TP to group leader added to group box.
Both group leader and sanctuary now rely on the marriage tag for determining if a destination is a viable tp area.
Increased the places you can Marriage TP to (pretty much anywhere that isn't a king room)
Set appropriate level restrictions to lost lands 1 2 and 3 based on the new strengths of mobs there.
Removed rebirth from ranking (it's a system we won't be using)
Server Level cap has been increased to level 250 (Although level 100+ requires Ascension Shards - see below)
All class skills have now had their skill points required per level adjusted inline with our plans to activating skill levels 6-10.
This change has adjusted every skill and makes skill levelling as an average across all 4 classes much more streamlined.
Skills System rebalancing - skills points.
Skills Levels 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are now obtainable through Character Ascension.
New warning system integrated for server maintenance warnings (seems to be well received)
banned players and players higher than the level limit(GMs) are not shown on the ranking
Item parts now go straight to storage
Belts fixed (they use the same upgrade table as shields)
Mindc/ac/mr/sp/mc is now upped with max in synthesis
Skill Books are now colour coded per class

Bug fixes
Synth points removed from Frost Yeti.
Bookcase drops fixed.
Incorrect M and F armours fixed.
New items will display their rarity correctly in all (tested) circumstances
Many other little bugs squished, report any new ones in the usual places :)
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Jan 19, 2009
The server doesn't work or how because I have downloaded everything and clicked the launcher and even the game doesn't start I have windows 10 how to fix it ?


Jan 10, 2009
The server doesn't work or how because I have downloaded everything and clicked the launcher and even the game doesn't start I have windows 10 how to fix it ?

If the server or the client doesn't run you may need to install one of the following dependencies
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5.2 Framework
  • DirectX Runtime
  • SlimDX Runtime
  • DirectX Redist
  • DirectX SDK
You can download them from here.


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Jan 16, 2006
The server doesn't work or how because I have downloaded everything and clicked the launcher and even the game doesn't start I have windows 10 how to fix it ?
in the install folder open Runtime-INSTALL-ME
then install:
SlimDX Runtime .NET 4.0 x64 (January 2012)


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Mar 8, 2005
Finally able to access forum again, following on from conversation on discord @Alecs please proceed as discussed :)
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