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alreet mate downloaded this but cant get option to make a character any idea why ?
Hi mate,
Been a while, you up 2 much these days?
Good thanks mate, how you?
:) Oh damn, nice. Something you have always wanted to do or just decided in the last few years?

Just pottering about as usual xD
Always wanted to mate, going for it now before I get too old and regret it haha.
Fair enough, good luck mate :)
Try uploading your avatar now. Got mine working fine on the light style at least.
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Ah thanks, that's perfect...could you change one thing in the css to make it perfect.

.avatar img {
background-color: transparent;

Not sure what it does on light theme but on dark theme it puts a darker grey which isn't needed, thank you taking the time to do this.
Hello, I'm very bold to send you this email. I hope I don't disturb you. I am a fan of mir2. I like chronicle server very much, but it seems that GM has abandoned it. I have many ideas about server. I am a Chinese GM. I want to import chronicle to China. Let the Chinese experience it. I hope you can help me. I can buy it, or I can listen to you. If you see the email, please reply to me. Thank you very much.
I don't know how to contact you. I can only leave you a message here. I Love Chronicles very much. I don't know why GM wants to give up it. Do you have a contact information? I hope to talk to you.
이봐, 좋은 친구, 너는 한국인 이니? 너에게 괜찮 으면 내가 좀 호의적이다. 이 서버를 mir3 korean에 등록 할 수 있습니까? thanks
It's an open beta, download the Autopatcher from the advert and download the client
Hola Mukai, Estoy buscando un host para alquilar y hostear mi servidor, conoces alguna empresa que pueda contratar?