Red Cavern - LOMCN Wiki
Access Red Cavern entrance is located at 246:246 in Waste Lands.
First Floor - Coiled Snake RedCave_1F.jpg
Second Floor - Abyss of the Netherworld RedCave_2F.jpg
Third Floor RedCave_3F.jpg
Fourth Floor RedCave_4F.jpg
Fifth Floor RedCave_5F.jpg
Sixth Floor RedCave_6F.jpg
Seventh Floor RedCave_7F.jpg
Eighth Floor RedCave_8F.jpg
Ninth Floor RedCave_9F.jpg
Tenth Floor RedCave_10F.jpg
Eleventh Floor RedCave_11F.jpg
Twelfth Floor RedCave_12F.jpg
Kings Room RedCave_KingRoom.jpg

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