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Name Weight Description
Cannibal_Leaf.gif CannibalLeaf 1 Can be found from all Cannibal Plants. It stabilizes any poisonous drugs you make.
Spider_Teeth.gif SpiderTeeth 1 Contains the venom of the Spitting Spider. If the venom of these teeth intoxicates you your physical strength will decrease.
Cannibal_Fruit.gif CannibalFruit 1 Activates Spitting Spider venom when making poison. It is a rare item only found in Cannibal Plants after blooming.
Scorpion_Tail.gif ScorpionTail 1 Contains strong acid fluids that can erode protection. Found by harvesting dead Scorpion bodies.
Maggot_Pill.gif MaggotPill 1 A rare item only found in adult Cave Maggots that have reproductive functions. It activates the acid fluid contained in a scorpion's tail.
Name Weight Description
Copper_Ore.gif CopperOre 3
Iron_Ore.gif IronOre 3
Silver_Ore.gif SilverOre 3
Gold_Ore.gif GoldOre 3
Black_Iron_Ore.gif BlackironOre 3
Amethyst.gif Amethyst 3
Ruby.gif Ruby 3
Nephrite.gif Nephrite 3
Platinum.gif Platinum 3
Name Weight Description
Gold_Bar.gif GoldBar 10 Worth 1 million gold
Use the Storage NPC in BW or MW to convert Gold Bars
Gold_Bar_Bundle.gif GoldBarBundle 55 A bundle of 5 Gold Bars worth 5 million gold
Use the Storage NPC in BW or MW to convert Gold Bundles
Gold_Chest.gif GoldChest 110 A Chest containing 2 Gold Bar Bundles worth 10 million gold
Use the Storage NPC in BW or MW to convert Gold Chests
Lottery_Ticket.gif LotteryTicket 1
Gamble_Chip.gif GambleChip 1 Used in the Casino
Gamble_Chip_Bundle.gif GambleChipBundle 8 A bundle of Gamble Chips
Dice.gif Dice 1
Chicken.gif Chicken 1
Meat.gif Meat 3
Timber.gif Timber
Wooma_Horn.gif WoomaHorn 1 Required to create a guild
Dropped by Woomataurus
Zuma_Relic.gif ZumaRelic 1 Used to declare war on Sabuk Wall
Dropped by Zumataurus