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DarkSide Mir3
  1. Zircon 2.0 Somebody make it real! Your still trying mir3 servers?, im sorry.
  2. Zircon 2.0 Somebody make it real!

    Bye then. Oh how times change, although i agree with you i just had to put that. Has anyone played any official games for some time, and when the devs cant be bothered and let the community mod it. then it slowly dies a painful death because the idea's of the community are trash and only ever...
  3. Is CoD Worth it?

    Pretty well whats been said, the game is trash imo. If you played older cods 1-4 and enjoyed them, your not going to enjoy what effectively feels like black ops 5 to me. Anything after COD4 is sneezewizz anyway. Sniping is way too easy as it has been since 4+ I can barely hear footsteps which is...
  4. [Zircon] Ancient Mir - Coming Soon!

    Looking closely to see if there is anything i missed, otherwise its looking good!.. thank god you removed the guaranteed drop system, and item refining. Will weapon refines be the same as it is currently on zircon servers, or will it revert somehow back to the old system? Also i couldn't see...
  5. [Zircon] New ' Global Eden' Server Comming

    This game is so doomed lol.
  6. zircon LR or Zed

  7. banning ****boys like jaime

    Im just sat here waiting for a good server to finally appear.
  8. [Zircon] Zircon Server - Low Rate - 7th June 2019 - 18:00 GMT

    I haven't played a server properly in years thankfully. So no change from what i'm doing now, should i be getting upset about those changes not happening or something? :unsure:
  9. [Zircon] Zircon Server - Low Rate - 7th June 2019 - 18:00 GMT

    Yea as previously mentioned il continue to spectate from a distance, so i guess your going somewhere? Bye then :) lol
  10. [Zircon] Zircon Server - Low Rate - 7th June 2019 - 18:00 GMT

    This, please also remove the fortune checker, parts, weapon refines the same as previous servers, add flinch back, remove the visible stats on mobs... then maybe id download it... >_> if its not easy mode mir 3. If a Jmace is less than 5 mil its not worth my time. I'll spectate from a distance.
  11. Mir 3 back with WeMade?

    So there actually might be a decent mir 3 server to play?! is this real life..
  12. [Zircon] Legend Of Mir III SEA

    SEA players would have the same ping/latency problems if they were to play in a EU server ^_^
  13. High rate mir 3 server

  14. Nostalgia of Mir

    I think it should go back to Vanilla personally. That's part of the nostalgia, brutal early Mir. Patches would be on there way to "soften to blow" I'd choose Vanilla Mir 2/3 over any servers around now.
  15. Nostalgia of Mir

    Sorry not read through all of it, will this be true low rate? Accurate to Dragon/Phoenix