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  • correct me if im wrong but Lapta wasnt the only person who wasn't exactly 100% above board when running a server, (we still have your folder tucked away somewhere) but what the hey i wont hold grudges for more than 2/3 years so (lol it does amuse me though to see MR down though, almost as much as it amused me to see the user count on MR when Oriando first came up)

    Its good to see RZ is doing well, I assume your doing it full time now?

    If you fancy poping on to mmorpggeek and saying hi thats all cool (but you need to unban my RZ account first )

    anyway back to work for me.
    Hi Hi, the new forums are at

    it turned out Jamie had been taking donations for the servers Lied about receiving them and then failed to pay for them so there was a £1000 debt that needed to be paid before the servers would be turned back on.

    I spoke to the hosts explained the situation and the lies jamie had been telling and the money he had effectively stolen and thats when i found out about the £1000 debt and that Jamie had been ignoring the hosts attempts to contact him so i got my own contract sorted, had the servers signed over to me and brought them back online without Jamies involvement. He did get pissed and this and tried to take Low Rate offline, but that only lasted 20 minutes. He now has no access to either extreme or LR and life has been better without him. ^.^

    so come and have a lookie :-)

    Yes it will be chris, this is "storm" a old low rate member, if you remember me :p, ill let chris know about the account, you got a new site now? How can we find you ?
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