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  • m8 doubt this will help me. looing for a basic working Kings set, not 100% release just want to get startede. SupremeUSA on facebook
    ok will do im gonna have a look to see how much it will cost to come over to germany and i will get back to you on the dates all i need to know is the city name :)
    No problem you are ever welcome ..we told you .. so if you got another date to visit germany tell us before and we prepare a room for you (also alone or with girly)

    greetz (also from Chinta)
    i cant this time around as i got a wedding to attend and its a family wedding its a shame cause i really wanted to visit you to i can definately come to the next one that you do im sorry
    Event is 21.5.2010 - till 24.5.2010 but we have a big house so you... or you and your girly are also welcome for longer *hehehe
    m8 how it is did you come with your girly ??? Remember we have "Pfingsten" where all Members from Chintas Forum can come and have fun together ...Beer Gril and so on ?!?! let me know how it looks
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