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Mar 26, 2003
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Live Date :5th April 2019
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/GHfBWPs
Patcher: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuXGJmyLKsbJk3ouz7yBz96pXs_v

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The Primordial's reign lasted for hundreds of years, holding the world in a grip of constant fear and war.
These beings relished in a world of torment, creating hundreds of creatures to wreak havoc among the humans.

All provinces tried to defeat these creature; banding together and sending their legions of soldiers to take on these Primordials,
Their efforts proving fruitless, and with their losses so high, they struggled to defend their own people.}

They needed a miracle, and it came in the form of 4 people, trained in unique arts that no one had seen before.

Athena the Taoist
Heracles the Warrior
Ganon the Wizard
Nyx the Assassin

These 4 heroes with such strength and tenacity, managed to repel the Primordial's forces for a short time. With this time they formed an elite group of soldiers, consisting of the best each province had to offer.
They traveled to the Temple of Ascension located on a remote island, where the Primordials reside.
This however, wasn't a mission that these heroes would come back from, and they knew it.

Once they had arrived at the temple, the elite soldiers charged into battle, without fear, knowing they were a distraction to these beings,
they were there to provide Ganon enough time to perform a ritual.
It would sacrifice himself, Athena, Nyx and Heracles to bind the Primordials into the depths of the Temple, to be banished from existence, protected by soul-bound seals.

They were successful.

Almost immediately after these events happened, the constant onslaught seemed to subside, however the essence of the Primordials hadn't been fully cleansed from the lands.
Although weakened, the creatures still attack the provinces and lands, thought to be controlled by the one called EvilMir; a malformation of the Primordial's souls.

With the threat of history repeating itself, a select few people were chosen to dedicate their lives to the skills and expertise that Athena, Heracles, Nyx and Ganon had demonstrated, knowing one day, they made need
to make the very same sacrifice.

Adopt the shadows the way Nyx did by choosing the Assassin.

Assassins specialize in heightening their own abilities through active buffs allowing to increase their stats, such as accuracy, agility and attack speed.
Their abilities allow to apply damage over time effects as well as other ailments to maximize their damage per second.
Their defenses are their weakness, their armour provides high top end protection but with limited to 0 base defense, the damage they take from the same target can alternative massively while in combat.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation they have escape skills and zoning abilities to help them flee from a struggling fight.

Spell Book

Fatal SwordHas a chance to inflict bonus damage on basic attacks
Double SlashAllows your basic attacks to hit twice in quick succession
HasteCast to increase your Attack Speed
Flash DashIn Development
LightbodyCast to increase your Agility
HightenedSensesCast to increase your Accuracy
HeavenlySwordSummon a blade that inflicts damage in a 3x3 area in front of you
FireBurstRepulses lower level targets that surround you
TrapLocks a single target in place
PoisonSwordCast to apply poison in a crescent attack in front of you
MoonLightBecome invisible to players and monsters
MPEaterhave a chance to passively steal mana on basic attacks
SwiftFeetcast to gain a large portion of extra movement speed for a brief period of time
DarkBodySummon a doppelganger of yourself to charge at the enemy and detonate, can be cast while hidden
SharpenedBladesHas a chance to cause bleeding on basic attacks.
HemorrhageOn cast causes bleeding, if the target is already bleeding it causes them to Hemorrhage (high dps dot)
CrescentSlashFires our a large attack in front of you
ShadowFallSummon a smoke screen on the target area for a brief period, anyone enemy who passes through this takes damage.

Following in Heracles' footsteps will mean you being the front line of any fight.

Warriors specialize in brute force, bulking up their armour to take on hordes of creatures, although they may not be able to cut down masses quickly, they can withstand an onslaught of attacks.
They have Strong single target burst as well as a large amount of active buffs to bolster their damage and defense; they are even able to protect
their own allies from damage with certain skills.
Because you are in the front line, costs to run a warrior (in terms of pots and repairs) can start to get pricey!

Spell Book

FencingPassively provides additional accuracy
SlayingYou have a chance to inflict bonus damage with a more accurate strike
ThrustingToggle it to be able to inflict damage to 2 enemies in a line
MoltenBladeCast to imbue your weapon in molten energy, dealing damage in a line in front of you
HalfmoonToggle to be able to hit up to 4 enemies infront of you
AegisWhen hit, you have a chance to get bonus MAC for 5 seconds (can only proc once every 10 seconds)
BulwarkWhen hit, you have a chance to get bonus AC for 5 seconds (can only proc once every 10 seconds)
ShoulderdashCharge at and push back a lower level target then yourself.
EntrapmentPull a target monster closer to you, stuns the target when successful
TwinDrakeBladeInflict damage to a single target twice in quick succession, causing considerable damage
FlamingSwordImbue your weapon with fire, inflicting critical damage to a single target
GuardianCast on a target ally to create a shield that will absorb incoming damage equal to the casters health pool
LionRoarStun all Monsters and Pets within earshot, stunning them briefly.
BladeAvalancheCast to damage all targets within a 3x3 area in front of you
ProtectionFieldCast to provide you with additional defense
RageCast to provide you with extra DC
CrossHalfMoonToggle this on to hit all enemies that surround you
Slashing BurstIn Development
Slice N DiceInflict 3 consecutive strikes to a single target, each successful hit will do more damage then the previous.
BladestormCast to cause an area of effect which can cause bleeding on hit

Following in Ganon's teachings will allow you to control the elements.

Wizards will have an arsenal of spells at their disposal, from self protection, single target, AoE and persisting spells.
Taking this role will mean you can clear certain caves much faster than any other class, however it comes at a cost, survivability.

Taking on a wizard, you need to both be careful of range attacks, and getting caught while kiting melee units; as these can severely impact
how well you can clear a cave.

Spell Book

FireballConjures a fireball to hit a single target
RepulsionRepulse away surrounding enemies that are lower level then you
ElectricShockTame creatures that are lower level then you
GreatFireBallConjure a more powerful fireball to hit a single target
HellFireConjure 3 lines of fire hitting out in multiple directions from the caster
ThunderBoltHit a single target with a bolt of lightning, damage is amplified against the Undead
TeleportCast teleport to escape from a dungeon.
Will act as an RT in Provinces
FireBangHit enemies in a 3x3 area around the target
FireWallConjure flames to linger on the floor. Any enemy that passes through these flames will take damage
LightningConjure a huge bolt of lightning to hit all enemies in a line in front of you, does additional damage to Undead
FrostCrunchSummon a relatively weak projectile to a single target, but has a chance to slow the target
DragonTempestSummon the power of a WindDragon in a target 3x3 area, enemies hit have a chance to be repulsed
ThunderstormRelease a huge wave of electricity, hitting all units within 2 spaces of the caster, inflicting only noticable damage to the Undead
MagicShieldConjure a protective shield that reduces damage taken after other defenses have reduced the incoming damage
TurnUndeadHave a chance on cast to instantly kill a lower level Undead monster than yourself
VampirismPotential Rework (currently standard)
IceStormConjure up the arctic winds to hit in a 3x3 AoE
FlameDisruptorA single target spell that inflicts considerable damage to the target
MirroringCurrently In Development
FlameFieldCauses devastating damage in a large area around the caster
BlizzardSummon a blizzard in target area, causing considerable damage and having a chance to slow targets, leaves the Wizard vulnerable while casting.
MeteorShowerRains fire down in the target area, causing a lot of damage, leaves the Wizard vulnerable while casting.
Magic BoosterCast to boosts the wizards MC at a % cost of their maximum HP.
IceThrustCast to damage units in a cone (1-3-5) outward from the wizard, with a chance to slow enemies it hits.
BlinkA short distance teleport, that teleports you to your cursors location
DragonsRageInflict high damage twice in quick succession on a single target
EyeofHeliosCurrently In Development
PlasmaBallCurrently In Development

If you choose to follow Athena's path, you will be taking on a different approach to the conventional Taoist.

Taoists are all rounders, they benefit both from solo hunting and group hunts.
They now have Auras which allow you to hold constant buffs while allies are in range, as well as dropping either Damage or Support totems to take out your enemies, or assist your allies in combat.
You have Poisons and Heals which allow you to not only make your enemies more vulnerable, but keep your allies from burning through their own potion supplies.
Your pets support you as a Taoist more in solo play, then they do in group, providing additional damage and meat shields to allow for easier combat situations.

Spell Book

HealingHeals a target ally
Spirit SwordPassively increases accuracy
PoisoningPoisons target with the equipped poison
SoulFireBallConsume an amulet from your bag and fire it at your enemy, causing damage on impact.
SummonSkeletonConsume an amulet from your bag and summon a magical skeleton to aid you in combat
HidingConsume an amulet from your bag to hide yourself from monsters
MassHidingConsume an amulet from your bag to hide all allies in a 3x3 AoE from monsters
SoulShieldCast to emit an aura that slowly drains your mana, this aura provides you and your allies with additional MAC
RevelationCast on target to show their health bars
this may be getting looked into so it can also display what immunities a boss has
BlessedArmourCast to emit an aura that slowly drains your mana, this aura provides you and your allies with additional AC
EnergyRepulsorEmit a pulse of energy to knock back surrounding enemy targets that are lower level than you
TrapHexagonLocks the target monster in place.
Damage breaks this spell
PurificationRemove all negative effects from the target
MassHealingHeal all allies within a 3x3 area
HallucinationOn cast has a chance to turn a monster on his allies.
Attacking this unit breaks the spell effect.
UltimateEnhancerCast to emit an aura that slowly drains your mana, this aura provides you and your allies with their primary damage type.
SummonShinsuConsume an amulet from your bag and summon a tanky wolf-like creature to aid you in battle
SummonHolyDevaConsume an amulet from your bag and summon a Blessed Fae that can aid you in combat with her range.
CurseOn cast curse has a chance to inflict slow on any enemy targets within its area
PoisonCloudSummon a poisonous cloud in a target 3x3 area which has persisting damage to enemies that pass through it
EnergyShieldCurrently In Development
Pet EnhancerBolster your summoned pets stats on cast
HealingTotemSummons a destructible totem that heals all allies within it's range - shares a CD with other totem abilities
DefilingTotemSummons a destructible totem that deals damage to all enemies within it's range - shares a CD with other totem abilities
DivineJudgementSummon a powerful projectile to inflict damage to a single target.
SwapAllows you to swap with a friendly target

Spell Changes

You will be able to see each classes 'Spell book' under the respective category, however there have been some fundamental changes to the way spells / spell books work and are obtained.

Leveling up
To assist with the early game enjoyment of the server, we have introduced a new system where, when you level up, if you have a spell you can learn at that level, you will instantly learn it. This is currently set to work from the levels 0-30 (this includes all new spells as well)

Spell Books
We have increased the spell exp requirements across the board to accommodate the potential for the new spell book system.
Spell books now, not only teach you spells, but can be used to have a chance to instantly level up your spell by one level.

So you can either still do the old "AFK / Level as you Level" approach or you can buy books and take a chance to get your spell instantly leveled.

The most important change to the quest system, is the introduction of the "Quest Giver" field.
We noticed that you could easily get lost in the sheer amount of quests you are picking up, and it wasn't an enjoyable experience trying to find out who gave you what quests.
This will not be filled if its a quest to find a different person to hand in the quest (so X asks you to speak to Y)

All Korean quests have been added to the files in some form
All other quests are custom for this server
We have made the questing experience more enjoyable.
Completing quests not only provides the player with exp, gold and items, but it can also unlock new quests, new areas, new NPCs and access to spells at an earlier level!
You can even get things such as gems, benes (which are all none trade-able)

-Story Quests-
These follow some sort of story, be it an NPCs story, Province story or an origin of the class you are playing.

-General Quests-
These quests vary the most, they can be single one time quests, to a huge chain of quests or even quests granting access to new areas.

-Challenge Quests-
This is a single linear quest chain, you need to find various creatures throughout the server and fight them, prove you have what it takes to best them in a fight, and continue the quest chain for better rewards!

-Daily Quests-
These quests provide various rewards, mainly Challenge Tokens which can be exchanged for exclusive rewards!

Certain Daily Quests are chained together, which will in turn unlock other story/general quests if you complete the chain within the day!

Map Events

Very much like WoW, random events will occur on all province maps, as well as some hidden events in caves, indicated by various icons on the Big Maps.
Events will randomly spawn on maps, once the event has been completed, it will go on a cool down and re-spawn in one of many possible locations, be quick as if you don't get there in time, someone else may have already completed it.

As you can see, within part of Bichon, there are multiple map events to take part in.

The Map Events area is surrounded by firewall, the mobs can not be damaged unless you are within the area, they will regenerate their health rapidly if no one is in the event zone.

You are notified when you complete the event

-Slay Events-
Go to the event, slay the monsters, and get instant rewards!

-Daily Events-
You can only get rewards once a day from these events, you can participate and assist friends even after you have completed the event
Get a Common Loot Box as a reward!

-Weekly Events-
You can only get rewards once a week from these events, these tend to be world bosses and most likely will need groups to succeed!
Get a Rare Loot Box, or even Epic Loot Box as a reward!

These events have multiple stages, complete all the stages and reap your rewards!

Loot Boxes are exclusive to map events and quest rewards.
You can obtain crafting materials, challenge tokens, game store items and even mounts from the varying tiers of LootBoxes.

Map Buffs

You will notice on all maps, within your buff window you will have a little icon, this is to indicate whether the map multipliers are currently normal or have been modified.
Maps can have their base modifiers changed, so monsters that were once weak, can become a lot harder, but more rewarding!

The Ascension System
There have been disturbances within the Temple of Ascension, the seals have been damaged but not broken, but the power of the Primordial's seems to be seeping back into the world.
Upon killing a boss, it has a chance to come back re-incarnated, imbued with one of the Primordial Spirits

Antraxa The Feral
Pandaran The Ancient
Hallaxra The Elder

These spirits imbue the re-incarnated boss with unique characteristics (increased damage, speed, health etc) as well as a revised drop file with new item pre/suffixes!

Killing a re-incarnated boss can then cause the spirit to reform to the creatures intended power, this will spawn the creature within the Temple of Ascension, with new AI, Stats and a completely unique drop files!
Be careful as these bosses are very tough, and the Temple Guardians will call any available hero to their aid.

Soul Fragments
Depending on the strength of the creature you kill, you have a chance to obtain a soul fragment of varying tiers.
You can use the fragments to summon creatures within the Temple of Ascension to fight yourself for even more rewards.


Item Grades

from left to right
Common = A common item from the mobs you slay
Superior = These items are prefixes of existing items, providing additional base stats to them.
Uncommon = This rarity was added to add a difference between common and rare
Rare = A rare item, often a 'mid tier' items of that level
Legendary = Upgraded Rare Items, Really Rare Drops and seen as 'high tier' items of that level
Mythical = Upgraded Legendary items, insanely rare items and unique items.
Exclusive = This rarity is held for items that can only be obtained by Challenge Token Only or Game Store Only.

Crafting materials can be gained through killing creatures, completing quests, fishing and mining.

Throughout the lands you will come across crafters of varying skill; these can craft you all sorts of equipment and upgraded items if you find the right materials.
The basic crafters hide within the safety of towns and cities.

The more prosperous crafters are found hidden in caves, trying to scavenge their own crafting materials, helping them out with their quests may allow you access to even more advanced craft-able items!

You can even craft mounts if you find all of the parts for the specific mount!

Every crafting NPC has a unique set of crafting recipes.

Shield System
We have introduced an Item Leveling system, specifically with shields.
This item levels as you do, it acquires a portion of your exp (it doesn't deduct the exp you've gained).
The RNG involved can mean your shield becomes insanely useful (and valuable), or terrible.

Mining and Fishing
Equip yourself with a rod and some bait and go fishing!
Get better rods and lures for a higher chance of successfully catching fish and obtaining better loots (But be careful, you might find something lurking in the depths!)

Equip your trusty pickaxe and go venture deep into the various mines throughout the lands and collect valuable crafting materials unique to each mine.

Graphic Changes

We decided to spend some time to make our server aesthetically different to the standard C# servers.
As of this advert certain windows are still under construction


New Login

New Character Select

New Trust Merchant

New Set GUI

New Lighting System
Rather than it being 'pitch black' when it becomes night, the lighting system has been changed to still impact visibility without making it impossible to see.

Quality of Life Changes
Just as much as all the nice features and content are important, we haven't forgotten about the general QoL changes, that you may not directly notice.

Resilience Stat has been added which mitigates PvP damage.
Collision Detection has been added so when you run into an object, it will try to path one space either side of the object before failing.
When teleporting it keeps your lock on your target (if a lock is present)
Music & Sounds have been added throughout the game
Temporary Buffs do not expire while in a Safe Zone (this includes all sources for these buffs)
Healing targeting has been made so if an monster is blocking an ally, it will heal the closest ally to your cursor (no more healing monsters)
Poison now has a range before it is auto removed, and will automatically remove if the caster and target switch areas.
A lot of movement changes have been made to hopefully make the client a lot smoother
PvP and PvE for all spells has been separated, allowing us to balance spells for PvP without effecting PvE and vice versa
There are new Attack Modes : Focus Target and Defend Master (they do what they state)

Teleport Nodes need to be activated before they can be used.​
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