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  • Hello bud, sorry about the post, it's nothing against yourself mainly against the malicious attacks from taifun against myself and Dan (Churchill) he has been a a pain the the rear the last 2 weeks and cannot simply take a little advice on running a server.
    The problem I actually have is the fact that he (taifun) actually told another member to go and f*** his mother and it was Churchill that pointed it out and complained to 2 moderators and an admin and nothing was done about it, since then it has been removed from the wall , again bud nothing against yourself
    stop writing on your own wall foo'. need to play some LoL with me i think!
    lol higher than me, i don't even know where TO level on mir 3 :p I just keep wandering around aimlessly {clearly a mir3 expert) was more of a mir 2 lover lol
    Na i don't play it that much, i was a warrior if memory serves me right lol, what's your name?
    Haha, it's actually mis-spelt, but it's a demon from a game called Shadow Hearts, I played it when I was younger.
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