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Jan 2, 2019
Server Name: Aesir Mir

Language : English
Server Files: Crystal Files
Experience : Custom (Bell curve, No early grind)
Dedicated Host: Yes

Download Link:

Game information:


The Server is now live!

Aesir Mir

Aesir Mir has an overhauled Item system and leveling system mean there are tons of new items to choose from and with the customized leveling system, there is less of a grind like some other MMORPGs.

I created this server because I always had a vision for what I wanted Mir to be like and
didn't want another boring grind but a server filled with diversity. To that end I've implemented
a subclass system comprising of 6 different sub classes, these are:

Martial Classes

Spiritual Classes

Arcane Classes


Overall these sub classes add over 40 new spells to the game, which are useful throughout the life of a
character (spells range from lvl 7 and upwards). See the game information link for a flavor for each subclass:
Spell List:
Added Spell list to book npc in bw:
Fencing // IronMaiden // RelentlessEndurance
Slaying // GoldenDragonStrike // AnointedAura
Thrusting // StalwartShield // Fealty
ShoulderDash // AuraOfThorns // ProtectionField
Entrapment // CounterAttack // ImmortalSkin
LionRoar // BattleCry // ShieldWall
FerociousSmash // InvisibleCuirass // SlashingBurst
CrossHalfMoon // Roar //Fury
BladeAvalanche Rage //IronMaiden
FerociousSmash // ShieldWall

Fencing BladeWaltz CrossHalfMoon
DeathSentence // ProtectionField // DefyDeath/RageBeyondDeath
Slaying Frenzy // BrutalStrikes
Thrusting // BladeAvalanche // ImmortalSkin
MeteoricLeap // CounterAttack // Fury
ShoulderDash // SlashingBurst // BersekersCharge
LastBreath // Entrapment // Rage
LionRoar // MeteoricLeap // BersekersCharge

Healing // LayHands // BattleFervor
SpiritSword // Smite // SpiritBurst
HolyShieldSelf // HolyShield // SummonHolyGuardian
BlessedShield // SummonGuardian // SummonPriest
Bless // DivineProtection // VolrunsFury
Enfeeblement // SmitefulAura // HalfMoon
FlamingSword // TwinDrakeBlade // Conviction

Healing // MassHealing // BlessedArmour
Hiding // SoulFireBall // SoulShield
Revelation // DeathWatch // Curse
EnergyRepulsor // Hallucination // UltimateEnhancer
Purification // PetEnhancer // MassHiding
SpiritSword // Poisoning // Portal
SummonShinsu // SummonUndead // FreedomOfMovement
Reincarnation // HeightenedPoison // ConsecrateGround
PoisonCloud // Plague // RaiseTheDead
HolyGround // ZinorsBlessing // ZinorsRebirth
DimVision // ReactiveHealing // SummonSpiritWraith
ZinorsShield // ShieldOfFaith // Fanaticism
SummonSpiritWraith // ReactiveHealing

FireBall // DispelMagic // MeteorStrike
Repulsion // VolrunsStrike // FlameDisruptor
ElectricShock // Armageddon // MagicBooster
VolcanicEruption // GreatFireBall // IceStorm
HellFire // PowerSurge // Immolation
ThunderBolt // IceThrust // MagicShield
CallLightning // Teleport // FlameField
FireBang // Blizzard // Mirroring
FireWall // MeteorStorm // Vampirism
CounterSpell // Lightning // TurnUndead
FrostCrunch // ThunderStorm // LifeLeech
CounterSpell // MeditativeAura

FireBall // Lightning // FrostShield
Repulsion // HexdronsDistraction // MagicShield
ElectricShock // GlacialStorm // FlameDisruptor
GreatFireBall // Blizzard // Mirroring
SummonShieldWall // HellFire // FrozenTomb
DispelMagic // ThunderBolt // SolariShield //
Teleport // IceField // SteelCore
IceWall // PermafrostHurricane // FireBang //
FireWall // TurnUndead // FlameField
Meditation // MagicBooster // MeteorStrike //
IceStorm // Vampirism // IceThrust
FrostCrunch // Cryofreeze // ThunderStorm

Besides the subclass system, this is another big feature of the server. I've always felt bored that
everyone on a server eventually gets the same items and there are no stand out / unique items.

Artifacts will change this, artifacts can range from minor trinkets with utility uses all the way up to
items that will grant the wearer immense power and unique abilities/attacks.

Overall these items add 100's of spells and effects to the game (to give you an idea how many there are, the artifact
NPC that explains the effects and abilities of each one has 20+ pages with 15 artifacts on each page).
Several artifacts of the same kind may drop within the game (because they are linked together) but for the the majority there will only every
be one of them ever.

New AI
Tons of new monsters roam the lands of Mir that react and challenge players in different ways.

Think your the best player to ever grace the land of mir ? Prove it! These challenges range from dungeon crawls to mini games, can you enter the dungeon and make it out alive ? Can you beat the server's high score for a game? Will you be the last man standing in the tournament? Can you help the town withstand an invasion? There are also several hidden challenges throughout the lands of Aesir Mir, good luck exploring and finding them.

Got a new item and don't like the look of it? Prefer the classic Mir style without wings and glows everywhere? Transmogify your items so you look like others.


Nearly all dungeons can be accessed from the central hub in Bichon Province meaning a fight or a hunt is never too far away.
Don't like PVP ? Want to just have a relaxing time hunting and leveling with friends? Non-PvP Minified versions of several dungeons have been added so you don't have to worry about being attack if you don't want to.
(I had to compress the gif for the forum to accept, there's a lot of places to get through on the teleporter :) )
Random events
You Can opt in or out, as you play there's a chance that a random event might happen to you. Random events can range from finding some gold to being waylaid by bandits to much more (Again apologises for the compression) (3).gif
Feature Roadmap
I have numerous features thought out, planned and ready to implement further down the line ensuring there will be new content to come.
Feel free to report the bugs in the discord server or email to


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Jan 2, 2019
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As per requested I've updated the post with the go livedate (This evening at 7:30pm) and the spell list for the various subclasses.


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This thread is reserved for updates from the server owner(s) only. Do not post here.

If you wish to discuss this server or need technical support, please use the dedicated Discussion Thread found in the Server Discussion section.

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Jan 2, 2019
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With the server being up a week, I thought I'd update this thread with the change log for the past week:

Restricted all items from renting.
Tweaked Spiritual archtetype pets.
Enabled Pet Saving on relogs and reboots.
Fixed a zt crashing bug. Fixed a death watch crashing bug.
Altered PT, PSC, PB Spawns. Altered wooma PT PSC PB Hell Red save Exp rates.
Altered aforementioned areas ancient versions. Enabled rt's on fox first floor. Fixed witch doctor damage calculation.
Altered some base gain rates of stats on magus and cryomancer Altered a fair few drops.
Disabled random events. Added cast delay on rooting spells ie. blizz met etc Implemented proper thunderstorm funcationality.
Buffed tamed pets.
Added a fix for the crash that happened today around 3pm.
Added a fix for the 1am crash. Increased Group experience modifier. (you will be less penalized for grouping up so grab some mates and invite some friends )
Added MeditativeAura to drops.
Hopefully level up guild kick issue is resolved.
Increased PB Spawns. Decreased PB mobs AC, Increased AMC and exp.
Updated Book NPC in BW to give a clearer indication which are late game spells.
Updated Descriptions for Tricon and level 35 Class Sets. Increased Stats and EXP on Invasion Mobs.
Modified InvasionKing and Queen Drop files. Increased Stats and EXP on BattleGrounds Mobs.
Modified HeavenlyWind, Khazgare and Alphafrosttiger AI and added to spawns. Decreased some BDD Mobs Stats.
Tweaked Diablo, Shinsu, Shamakhi, Gyeongbokgung, Icheri and Shengura Stats.
Increased Redspiderfrog Spawns in fox cave 1st map, also made map rtable. Fixed Last man standing Event.
Added Hair Change, SubclassTokens, Skill necklace, ProbeNecklace and GlobalShoutScrolls to Game shop.
Updated Priest Pet image. Updated tooltip info for holyshield.
Removed left over, non use-able spells from drop files. Moved billboard closer to tele point in BW.(edited)
Tripled vipernest spawns.
Added a stalwart buff indicator for information.
Modified the AI for red cave mobs. Added a fix for Trainer. PSC and ST Safe teleports fixed.
Greatly Increased PT KR spawns. Increased right and left guard mobs exp Modified HolyDeva AI.
Increased shinsu defensive stats.
Tweaked flail and guard oma stats and exp.
Tweaked Ancient BDD Mob Stats and exp.
Tweaked Ancient Past Bichon Mobs stats, exp and spawns.
Modified Ancient PB KR mobs stats. Modified MK drops slightly. Modified Knight's special HM and CHM damage Calculation.
Added Class rings for Warrior, Taoist and Wizard.
Fixed a bug with LayHands where massive damage could break through the protection, reduced duration to intended length and added animations.
Increased PB mobs EXP by 50%.
Doubled Ancient PB mobs EXP.
Removed thunderousroar from drops, exchanged for LionRoar books.
Updated Lionroar book description text to indicate paladins can learn it.
Disabled Rt'ing in PT KR.
Fixed a crashing bug.
Added logging around another crashing bug to try get to the bottom of it.
Enabled paladins to learn chm
Increased shinsu stats.
Increased OKS Damage slightly.

I've combined several of the posted changelogs together so if you spotmultiple exp increases in places its a cumulative effect.
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Jan 2, 2019
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Another Changelog :) , again I've combined several of the posted changelogs together so if you spotmultiple exp increases in places its a cumulative effect.

Fixed Pet Teleport AI (Shinsu variations, holydeva, skeletons).
Updated hellkeeper script to teleport group instead of solo player.
Adjusted Stats on CrystalShardArmour, CrystallineArmour, later levelled class rings.
Fixed knight shoulderdash calculation so they can only dash enemies up to 3 levels higher than them. Fixed TM Npc in PB.
Lanterns added to Gameshop.
Added SummonHolyDeva to cleric/taoist spell list.
Decreased Battle grounds mobs stats, increased EXP.
Increased Exp and spawns in GrimalKinLair (x3).
Decreased movespeed of WingedOmas.
Increased Ancient BDD Mobs exp by x2.3 Removed a AncientKS spawn in Ancient BDD.
Increased Ancient KS, IWT, IZT, KH and DD drop files along with MK drop file.
Increased EXP, decreased defensive stats and movespeed in Ancient PB, Modified drop files aswell.
Increased EXP and decreased hp slightly of ancient PSC mobs. Increased IWT Damage.
Increased spawns in Mineral mines (x3), Ancient Natural cave(x2), WT(x2), Ancient WT(x1.7), Treepatch(x3).
Decreased defensive stats of some BDD mobs and altered sopme drop files to drop large pots.
Altered Shiden mace for certain subclasses. Modified TDB to work regardless of level. (More reflective of the implementation in the current crystal repo.) Made Ancient WT 1f and 2f rtable. Made lunar 1f rtable.
Added energyshield to taoist,cleric and apaldin spell list.
Updated descriptions on energyshield, summonholydeva books.
Added Pet egg system and added to gameshop.
Fixed a bug with transmog NPC.
Modified Powersurge skill to proc more often (Lowered damage output to compensate for increased chance).
Decreased tdb stun chance against boss mobs.
Fixed crashing bug with TDB.
Lowered Frost tiger taming level and lowered item requirement on Gameshop Egg.
Reduced archer spawns in Ancient BDD.
Added remote spell disabling.
Made elements in Foxes TU able.
Fixed sub class rage calculations.
Decreased defences on guardianangel and holydeva, increased dmg on holydeva, increased attack speed on guardianAngel.
Created guardianAngel AI to negate most damage in pvp.
Altered some summoning spells to teleport your pet to you if they are already summoned.
Lowered common Battleground mobs HP.
Updated BG tele to not attempt to tele you if you aren't in a group.
Modified barbarian last breath passive so their DC increases in a more linear fashion.
Added a small HP on hit drain to their class ring. Fixed some doors in PB.
Added traphexagon,amuletofrev to drops. Curse/Enfeeblement now makes the caster brown.
Added an NPC Deep in BP that can take you to Ancient BP for a sum of gold.
Added Ancient PB and Ancient BDD tele's to teleport stone with requirements.
Reverted accidental change to FT tame limit, Removed FT Tamed pet damage buff (Buff only removed from FT).
Changed tao amulet based spells to use the amulet in your inventory to allow you to wear a poison bag and a bracelet.
Buffed vipers spawns x2, Increased exp of vipers. Lowered Weight of shiden mace. Increased ac on lvl 40 barb armour.
Fixed a bug where when viewing a characters equipment with a transmogified item, your game would freeze untill you pressed escape.
Updated skillneck description to indicate the x6 bonus to skill levelling it gives (Regular skill necks are only x3)).
Fixed ChaosNode Teleport NPC. Added a fix for the crash from earilier today.
Modified guild buff values.
Fixed lvl 50 base version Armours to have no class requirements.
Nerfed GeneralJinmYo's offensive stats.
Modified Ancient PB Boss AI.
Changed ElectricShock so that it recalls your pets if you dont cast it on anything.
Added Traphexagon to Cleric/Taoist spell list.
Decreased Archer spawns in Ancient BDD, Lowered their damage.
Added more fox items to drops.
Removed Reapershroud from drops.
Updated ancient zuma statue AI.
Lowered archer spawns further in ancient BDD.
Lowered spell exp requirements for powersurge and met strike.
Removed some EM walls. Removed EM Anc pb NPC.
Added tame limit to khazards.
Lowered weight on TashiTalon and modified stats.
Lowered lower mystery item tier stat cap, added level requirements.
Increased brown frog spawns in fox 1st.
Lowered spell exp requirements for powersurge and met strike.
Removed some EM walls.
Removed EM Anc pb NPC.
Added tame limit to khazards.
Lowered weight on TashiTalon and modified stats.
Changed TU and Puri to level on cast.
Fixed paladin holyshieldself spell calculation.
Fixed divineprotection spell calculation.
Fixed smite and sfb damage for paladin
Fixed tricon pendant stats.
Modified Khazgare, Alphafrosttiger, GeneralJinmYo, SerpentEyeJar, Ancient KS,KH,IZT,DD, Heavenlywind drop files. (Buff, gems should be more common.)
Greatly reduced required spell experience required for spell levels. (If any still seem abnormally high let me know, i.e. 10k+ and not a spell that is used constantly, most should be 1k,2k and 4k now)
Updated province lord, OKS, yimoogis, diablo (Hell boss), Invasion bosses drops. (Gems and orbs are more common)
Lowered shiden, tashitalon and other maces hand weights.
Fixed mediative aura.
Updated Zeal set description.
Fixed salce necklace stats.
Replaced bonelords in mystery cave with mystery cave version.
Adjusted level 40 paladin ring stats.
Adjusted level 40 magus ring stats.
Adjusted level 40 Knight ring stats.
Changed tele in point in red cave.
Decrease drop rate of crafting materials on sub bosses
Add more crafting materials to boss drop files.
Removed poisons from dispelmagic.
Fixed Recall set.
Tweaked paladin base stats slightly.
Fixed paladin Spiritsword bonus stats calculcation.
Added a pet taming NPC on tele stone under Miscellaneous.
Increased duras on the 35,45,55 subclass sets.
Added Entrapment to alot more mob drops.
Added Ancient Lunar Temple.
Added Ancient Zuma Temple.
Added Safe Lunar Temple.


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Jan 2, 2019
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Halloween Event-
Undead have risen from the Black Pyramid in Mongchon Province and are now a scourge upon the land!
Can you defeat enough of them, to anger their lord enough, for him to appear?

Come join in the fun and grab some goodies in this halloween themed event.
Monsters will drop a range of things from gems, benes, orbs, kit and halloween event items :)

The event will begin 31/10/2019 - Evening time GMT
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