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Legend Of Mir 3 HispaRed
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Jul 29, 2004
Kent, UK
Basic Information

Server Files: Custom Crystal Files
Start level: 1
Level Cap: 200 (soft cap)
Classes: Warrior, Wizard, Taoist, Assassin

Discord: https://discord.gg/RzzQXjG
Website: https://www.oldskoolmir.com/

Forums: https://www.oldskoolmir.com/forum/

Release Date - January. Day/Time To be confirmed nearer the time!

Item Stats / Quality / Sockets

Our aim is for every item to have its own unique set of stats via a variety of different methods, as follows:
Randomised item stats: An item no longer has static stats, instead it has a range and when the item drops it'll roll its stats based on its min and max parameters.
Added stats (not core stat): An item can drop with extra unique stats, e.g. Crit rate/damage, MR, PR, Luck etc!
Item Quality: There are 6 different item qualities that an item can be; Normal (grey), Common (yellow), Rare (blue), Legendary (Orange), Mythical (Pink) and Godly (Red).
The better the item quality, the higher its base stat parameters are.
Sockets: Each item can have up to 3 sockets, which allow you to insert unique gems into them. What are gems? Well you'll just have to wait and see

World Events
Random events will pop up around the province maps and some dungeons.
These Events range from Invasion, Monster slaying, Daily Boss, Weekly Boss.

Stat tracking
A range of stats are tracked in the game so you can see how many mobs, players you've killed and how many times you've died.
There are also leader boards at the end of each boss fight.


Instances are split into 2 types; PvE and PvP.
You can queue solo or in a pre-made party.
Each Instance will have different requirements for it to start, when the minimum number of players has queued you can choose to start early.
The dungeon finder allows users to play with total randoms in a safe environment (PvE). There is no PK, item drops are distributed via a group loot roll system, and all party members receive the prize at the end.

Instance Types
PvE: A variety of different PvE dungeons.
Timed PvE: Same as PVE but with a timer.

PvP Arena (non rated): Fancy a fight? Jump into an Arena match and battle it out with a random. Variety of modes ranging from solo to grouped.
PvP Arena (Rated): Same as above but with PvP rating. You will win/lose arena rating based on the outcome. A leaderboard shows who the best PvPers are on the server.
PvP LastManStanding: A mass brawl where its every man for himself!

Group Loot - Instances Only.
Group loot is simple, whilst in an instance instead of the item dropping on the floor for a "free for all", a window will pop up displaying the item and its stats. You have the option of:
- if the item is an actual upgrade to you and you will be wearing it.
Greed - if you need the item just to sell it or benefit another character
Pass - if you're not interested

We understand that in a random group most players will simply need, but the need/greed is more for guild/trusted parties. The system will auto roll (broadcast to the group) and the highest roll wins the item.
Each item in the group loot has an expiry time (2 Minutes) if the time passes and you do not vote it will be automatically voted to Pass.
If the roll winner bag is full and the player failed to receive the item it will be mailed to the player and the player can collect parcel to receive the item.

Chat Item Linking Enhancements
You can link your items in the chat by alt + left clicking the item, when you click the item within the chat it'll open the item in a new window to inspect.

New Interface
We have a new interface unique to the server - we hope you like it!

Level up / down on PK
That's right! If you get PK'd by someone lower level, or within 10 levels higher than you, they'll take your level off you!
Its a straight swap, the dead person loses 1 level, the winner gains 1 level.
There are no rules on this system, if you want to sell levels to players, or gift to your friends, feel free!
This feature is disabled on certain maps, e.g. FIGHT maps.

PvP Rating with Weekly reset
Fight in 1v1, 3v3 arena's and/or big battleground style instances to increase your rating and earn PvP currency.
Each week your rating is reset back to 0 and you are awarded currency for the rating gained.
Spend that currency on numerous things in the shop!
A Season lasts for 1 month, during the season you will gain season levels which return rewards as you level.
At the end of the season, levels and prizes are reset.
(this feature is still in development and may change before live release)​


Deez nuts
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Aug 24, 2015
Just look at the level soft cap... high rate lol


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Feb 16, 2011
LETSSSSSSSSS ******* GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO waited so long for a decent mir... I havent played a game properly for so long.. get the **** in you dirty little shlagssssssss @ibby yaya
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Dec 7, 2019
Dont know how I feel about this paragon v2???

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Jan 10, 2017
Dont know how I feel about this paragon v2???

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It’s not paragon V2? Hot pocket sloth ran that and ****ed off after selling items for £££££ and left hany to clear the mess.. ben quit after 5h I’m pretty sure..


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Dec 7, 2019
It’s not paragon V2? Hot pocket sloth ran that and ****ed off after selling items for £££££ and left hany to clear the mess.. ben quit after 5h I’m pretty sure..
Pretty sure hany was an integral part of that server. Server flopped and said there maybe a V2 which never happened.

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