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Mar 2, 2017
Welcome to Remedi Server.
Image 05.png

  • -First I would like to thank @Sanjian for allowing me to use his GUI.
  • -Second, the Server is based on EE Files and i have edited and removed alot of things And i've put a big effort into it.

Information about the testing phase;
The server is under construction and when everything is done there will be Testing phase or if I have enough time to test everything I will do this if I dont test everything I will announce about beta I have finished 80% of the game.
I have been working on this server for a long time ago and I was busy in my life and come back to work in it again and I have been a lot of time last month and I finshed some things that were lacking, but there are some small things remaining and I will finish them in the testing phase,I will listen to everyone and I was always trying to develop the game with all new and did everything I can and I want to thank everyone in the forum for his contribution in helping me and my greetings to you all.

-Server Rate: Custom (Med Rate)
-Server Live Date: 8 November
-Join Our Discord For latest news
'Discord Channel
Basic Information;
Classes Available
Warrior / Wizard / Taoist /Assassin
Language : English
Server Files:based on EE Crystal Files
Server Rate:Custom (Med Rate)
Startlevel: 1
Level Cap: 60 It will be increased when be reached
Groups are limited to 15 players
Guild are limited to 20 players
Download Full Client: https://mega.nz/#!sAhElCjb!o1PM3povprvjsRA3voVfTtnRb8HsVRCHOulnk_dFKR0

You can download autoPatcher From
MediaFire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1rpopf6jgap5cr6/Remedi_%28AutoPatcher%29.rar/file
GoogleDrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fMEeBjZ9aLsMAaKsCKt9EjmaETO1Z_vh/view?usp=sharing
Mega: https://mega.nz/#!IFJRFYiB!sTWGsD1DaAxX5R-lYzuAyPDIDX9qQu1g9Ecrh7Lbp14
Custom Experience - Drops

Image 0.Png Image 1.Png Image 2.Png Image 3.Png

The Warrior:

Warriors are a class of great strength and vitality. They are not easily killed in battle and have the advantage of being able to use them
A variety of heavy weapons and armor. Therefore, the Warriors prefer attacks based on physical damage melee. They are weak in ranged
Attacks, but a variety of equipment that has been specially developed for Warriors complement their weakness in fighting ranged.

The Wizard:

Wizards are class low power and endurance, but have the ability to use powerful spells. Their attack attacks are very effective, however
Because it takes time to cast these talismans, they are likely to leave themselves vulnerable to enemy attacks. Therefore, physically weak processors
You should aim to attack their enemies from a safe distance.

The Taoist:
Taoists are well disciplined in the study of astronomy, medicine and others other than Mu Gong. Instead directly engage their enemies
The specialty lies in helping their allies with support. Taoists can call powerful objects and have high resistance to magic, they are a class
With balanced offensive and defensive abilities.

The Assassin:

Assassins are members of a secret organization and their history is relatively unknown. They are able to hide themselves and carry out attacks While it is invisible by others, naturally making them excellent at quick killing. It is necessary for them to avoid falling into battles
Multiple enemies because of their weakness and strength.

  • beginners towns;
The warriors and Assassins starts in town with each other and the Wizards and the Taoists starts in town with each other..
They will all perform the same quests to level 15 until they move on to LegendsCity.

  • Maps;
All Euro maps and alot of new maps.

  • Monsters;

  1. Some new mobs added ingame.
  2. alot of New AI's For normal Mobs and bosses.

  • Bosses;
You can find EliteBosses every boss that comes down to a certain level,statistics and DropFiles are different for each level.

  • Caves;
In each cave there will be own Monsters and there will be rare Monsters to meet,but will be distinctive and you will get a reward from it such as Decent Drops and Decent Experience.

  • Quests;

  1. You can get decent (Items / Experience / Buffs / Gold )From Quests.
  2. There are too many quests you will do to help you rise in the level and strengthen yourself through it and each cave will have its own quests and there will be daily Quests and reward is also good and there are 10 quests for the initiators to help them get strength.

  • Items;

  1. There are many items in the game that you will make from Craft that will drop from monsters,Bosses.
  2. Upgrading Shields and Medals.
  3. New Items Slots.
  4. Fully set,New forms.
  5. Item Grades;
  6. There are 6 item Grades in the game,
  7. Common - The type of scarcity indicates how easily it is obtained.
  8. Rare- The type of scarcity indicates how difficult it is to obtain it
  9. Legendary-The type of scarcity indicates how difficult it is to obtain it
  10. Mythical- The type of scarcity indicates how hardness some of them are
  11. Godly- The type of scarcity indicates that it is very rare to find it
  12. Quest- The type of scarcity indicates that you can only find it from missions.

  • Skills;
New skills have been made for each Characters in the game.

  • Taoist Pets;
Taoist Pets will be upgraded when the skill level increased and the pets level will be upgraded by killing the mobs will be stronger when it reaches level 7

  • Healing AutoTarget;
healing now works in a different way eg if you use it on your friend or your pets amid some of the mobs for 2x2 distance and the path on the mobs it will automatically go to the FriendlyTarget.

  • Guilds;
There will be NewbieGuild for new players and will give them 20% Buff from level 1 to 25. After that you will be kicked out of this guild and you can make your own guild with a million and WoomaHorn which drops from Woomataurus,
You can make a guild war on any other guild(Enemy) as well and that will deduct 300k gold for three hours and you can make the Guild war on more than one guild.

  • Map Events;
You will see them in most of the maps, which will have some mobs and bosses and will be worth the reward value when killing them.

  • Amulet/Poison Slot;
An Amulet and Poison slots was created instead of wearing the Poison place of the Bracelet and losing some stats.

  • PoisonDamage;
The Taoist can stop the health of all mobs from rising energy,and this helps him to kill mobs quickly and fun and also affects players.
This will increase the damage by 30%, for example if you hit the mobs by -10 you will get 30% strength and will hit within -13 etc And it also happens in the players.

  • Auto Rev for monsters and players;
If you are in a PK and hit the enemy you will see his Health Pool automatically This helps you to know the health of your enemy and also gives some fun and this also happens in all mobs.

  • TrustMerchant;
You can buy things that other people have offered for sale and you can also sell anything you don't want for Gold or GameGold.

  • Drops;

  1. All the Drops files has been edited,every mobs/bosses has Different Drop files, Not all monsters had the same files and each monster Drop distinct from other not copy and paste
  2. There is a different mob that you can find some of the unique and rare things from it in the cave.
  3. Added Items can Drops from mobs and bosses.
  4. Also there are some things that drop from every Boss such as Ring,bracelets etc...(Parts) or something like this to make Ring or bracelets or anything special from the Crafting in order to have importance and some fun.
  5. All gold drops on the ground and does not automatically go to the bag.

  • Crafting;

  1. You can make many distinctive things from Crafting eg Ring,Bracelets,Weapons,Gems,Buff Potions,etc and other rare and distinctive things through Ores,Parts,Gold etc...
  2. You can see all the Crafting stuffs in the game by opening the window from the U button.

  • Mining;

  1. You can dig in the MiningMines to find some ores that will help you in Crafting and also gold you can sell for a part of gold to TravellingMerchantDamian is responsible for buying anything you have.
  2. The stuff needed for Mining is level 11 and the pick axe.

  • Raise statistics;

  1. You can raise statistics through the Gems, which can break the item by a small percentage, but when the item increases the percentage of fracture also increases.
  2. And you can drop something added from mobs/bosses.
  3. And Refine you can do on the weapon only and you want some Ores and Items to do and there is a small chance to break the item with your luck.
  4. DragonForge(Awakening);
Get the Awakening stuff from all mobs and bosses and make it on certain weapons, Armours and helmets,It is also possible to lose them or add them because there is a Chance to break.

  • Weekly PVP Wars;

  1. -SabukWall works only once a week and it is Friday from 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm. Fight with your guild and win to get special things.
  2. -Weekly events will happen every week and there will be wars. If you win, you will take rare things.

  • Daily PVP Wars;

  1. -LastManStanding it works every day from 06:00PM to 06:05PMand the last person who will be in it will get a decent reward.
  2. -LegendKing spawns every day only once, but very strong Enter with your team or guild and fight for it and if you win you will get a decent Drops

  • GameShop;

  1. There are some things that help to strengthen for a specific time such as ExpPotions/BuffsPotions/ShoulderPads/Mounts etc...
  2. You can buy anything in the GameShop with GameGold and anything is sellable and Tradeable.

  • New AutoPatcher;
I have put some effort to make a new AutoPatcher Pictures below.

Sure, I forgot something that I didn't talk about, but this advert will be renewed when I remember and I will add more pictures soon.
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Mar 2, 2017
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AutoPatcher and FullClient They will be uploaded soon.


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