Best MMO atm on pc?


Oct 7, 2008
Sheffield, UK
There arnt really any gripping MMOs out there now. I played Black Desert Online not too long ago. That was alright. Quite a lot to do on there but maybe a bit too much. I recently went back to play WoW which seems to suit casual players very well.

I don't think many companies are making MMOs anymore due to the target audience are heading more towards games that fit into the e-sports category and microtransaction category because thats where all the money is to be made.


LOMCN Member
Dec 15, 2016
personal preference, all i can say is this:

- Lineage 2 classic is being updated correctly with no real p2w (still heavy gold transfers tho), heavy grind though and you should get another buffer + on top of gold purchases this is going to be a grind

- ArcheRAGE (archeage private server), semi-p2w but nothing like the official servers, Archeage was the chosen one before Trion ruined it, the private servers are doing a good enough job imo. Don't play archeage though if dungeon runs and strong pve content are your thing, game is heavily pvp focused and does a good job of it.

- Mir Valkyrie, promising mir server, you should give it a try ;)

Bonus : I have a feeling the next big mmo will be Project TL, this game looks fire if done right (Lineage Project/Lineage Eternal revamped into an mmo)